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Pair Your Meal with

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Yes, we have an amazing selection of wine, beer and spirits, too!

A great bottle of wine or a perfectly refreshing beer can be just the thing to tie together a delicious meal.

At Lake Geneva Country Meats, we have an extensive selection of wine, beer and liquor available for you. Our Beverage Guru Nick selects each product by hand to make sure the product is well made, is a good value, and is a product that can make your next meal or occasion even better.

We want to make sure you don’t feel intimidated by all the different choices, so we’re here to answer your questions and help you pick the perfect bottle for your taste and budget. Stop by the store and browse our shelves, then ask for Nick if you have questions. He’ll help you find something you’ll love.

In the meantime, browse our descriptions of different types of wine and beer and see what types of food they pair best with. Even though these are our recommendations, remember, the best pairing is the one you love!

Cheers from Lake Geneva Country Meats!

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Types of Beer

Amber Ale

A great middle ground style of beer, Amber ales have moderate hops and moderate malt.

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Belgian Style Ales

A very traditional style of beer, Belgian style beers come in lighter and darker varities, …

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Blonde Ale

Light and easy drinking, blonde ales are great when you want something simple but delicious …

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Cream Ale

Mild in flavor with sweet notes, Cream Ales are smooth and delicious!

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Fruit Beers

When you add beer to your fruit, you get unexpectedly delicious results. Plus drinking fruit …

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The style of beer that made Milwaukee famous, most lagers are golden, clean and crisp.

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You wait all year for this style that’s a blend of rich malt flavors and …

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Pale Ales

The most popular style of craft beer, pale ales come in many different styles, but …

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A little bit lighter than a stout, Porters are great when you want a rich …

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Red Ales

When you take a pale ale and add rye, you get spicy, bitey notes that …

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There are plenty of styles of stouts, but these beers are all made to be …

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Wheat Beers

Bubbly, sweet and easy to drink, wheat beers are the perfect summer glass with bubblegum …

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Types of Wine


An underlooked grape, Albarino is best known from Spain, where it makes wines that are …

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Cab is king, and for good reason! This grape produces big, full bodied red wines …

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Cava is a sparkling wine made in the South of Spain from a blend of …

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The sparkling wine that all other sparkling wines desire to be, Champagne is made only …

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Chardonnay can be light and crisp, or rich and full bodied. There are so many …

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One of the lightest red grapes, Gamay is the grape that makes Beaujolais. While Beaujolais …

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Grenache (or Garnacha) is grown around the Mediterranean and makes light bodied red wines that …

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Malbec originated in France but is now best known as Argentina’s signature grape. It produces …

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While it’s not quite en vogue, Merlot produces phenomenal red wines that have ripe red …

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Fruity and sweet, Moscatos are a fun wine to drink with friends. Don’t forget an …

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Pinot Grigio

Known as Pinot Grigio in Italy, and Pinot Gris elsewhere, this is often a lighter …

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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a thin-skinned grape that produces light red wines. The best Pinot Noirs …

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