LGCM’s Custom Processing

Our company was founded on custom processing animals for customers who purchased animals from farmers to fill their freezers with wholesome, locally raised meat. We’re one of the few companies in the area that still offers this service. If you have the freezer space, purchasing an animal to have custom processed is a great way to eat locally, and support family agriculture.

Today, Lake Geneva Country Meats processes beef, pork, lambs, goats, and buffalo to your exact specifications. To learn more, please click on a tab below, or contact us to receive information about all of the options we offer and pricing.

Beef Processing

Wouldn’t it be great to have a supply of beef ready to go for dinner every night? It’s possible when you purchase a custom-processed beef from Lake Geneva Country Meats. Best-of-Market Quality We work with local beef producers who humanely rai…

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Pork Processing

Do you want to have a supply of locally raised meat available without breaking the bank? Consider buying a custom processed pig from Lake Geneva Country Meats. Available in whole or half animal sizes, purchasing pork from Lake Geneva Country Meats…

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Deer Processing

Congratulations on bagging your deer! Lake Geneva Country Meats is happy to offer deer processing and sausage making services for hunters. During the 2020-2021 Season, we are accepting a limited number of full carcasses, as well as venison trim to be made into sausage. For more details…

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Pig Roasts

Are you looking to plan a Lake Geneva, WI area Pig Roast? Pig Roasts are a tasty and economical way to feed a large group of people for events ranging from graduation parties to summer get togethers, to wedding receptions.  When you decide to host a …

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