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A Very Serious Riesling Dinner – Online Food & Wine Pairing Event

Have you ever thought of pairing Riesling with food? Do you just enjoy drinking it by itself? Or are you one of those people who just write off riesling as a “not serious” wine? Well we’re here to show you that riesling is more than just a sugary sweet drink, it’s actually one of the most versatile and wonderful food pairing wines in the world!

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This online food & wine pairing event is a collaboration between Lake Geneva Country Meats, Simple Café in Lake Geneva, and Schmitt Söhne Wines of Germany. The event features a delectable 3 course heat and eat meal that is paired with 2 wines from the Schmitt Söhne portfolio. You can add an optional third wine that is a real treat to enjoy with your dessert if you desire!

During the event, held via Zoom, we encourage you to reheat your meal and enjoy it with the wine pairings. A member of the Schmitt Söhne team will be joining us from Germany to discuss the wine and their family’s history in riesling, while Lake Geneva Country Meats’ resident wine expert Nick will host the event and help explain how the wine and food go together beautifully. This event is an awesome opportunity to try quality riesling wines and experience a fun way to pair food and wine.

This is an à la carte event that you can enjoy as you like. Purchase the options you would like to enjoy for pick up at Lake Geneva Country Meats on Thursday, January 28th between 9 AM and 5:30 PM, then join us on Zoom at 6:00 PM to enjoy your meal and the wine. Tickets must be purchased before 5 PM on Monday, January 25th. The Zoom link will be sent to registered participants.

3 Course Heat & Eat Meal from Simple Café – $25


First Course:

Baked Goat Cheese: Goat cheese wrapped in filo dough, served with hearty tomato sauce with parsley garlic crostini.


Brined pork belly:Brined pork belly, sous vide for 12 hours served over rutabaga mostarda and butternut squash risotto.

Third Course:

Citrus tart with candied lemongrass and crisp sugar topping


Wine Pairing Bundle – $35


Thomas Schmitt Riesling QbA Estate Bottled | Mosel, Germany

Thomas Schmitt Riesling Spätlese Estate Bottled | Mosel, Germany


Bonus Wine Pairing – $20


Schmitt Söhne Beerenauslese | Rheinhessen, Germany (500 mL bottle)

This dinner is a great way to have the opportunity to meet a member of the Schmitt Söhne team that you would generally not be able to meet (they’re in Germany!), learn about riesling, and enjoy a delicious wine and food experience without having to worry about driving home at the end of the night!

Please note – you do not have to purchase all the options to participate, but we do strongly recommend purchasing at least the meal and wine pairing bundle.

If you have questions, please feel free to send them to events at lakegenevacountrymeats dot com and we’ll be happy to answer. We hope to see you at this event!


The Lake Geneva Country Meats, Schmitt Söhne, Simple Café teams.

Click here to purchase your tickets on Eventbrite.

Please note – you are purchasing this food directly from Simple Café for pickup at Lake Geneva Country Meats. Wine is purchased directly from Lake Geneva Country Meats for pickup at Lake Geneva Country Meats.

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