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Cheers to Cheese Hill Valley Dairy Night

Gather your friends and head down to Hill Valley Dairy’s Wine Bar to kick off your holiday season with a wine & cheese tasting. Hill Valley Dairy cheesemaker, Ron and Lake Geneva Country Meats wine expert, Nick have worked together to expertly pair 3 cheeses with 3 wines for you to try.

If you find one your love, stick around and enjoy a glass, shop for some cheese or find the perfect wine for your holiday gatherings.

This will be an event series with a different theme each week.

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We’re saving the best for last! Three cheeses made by Hill Valley Dairy with wines that help showcase the best qualities of each cheese. If you love Ron’s cheeses, and want to get the chance to dig into exactly what makes them so great, this is the night to attend!

Below is what you’ll be tasting:

  • Cheese 1: Hill Valley Dairy 4 Year Cheddar – holy cow, not very many people have been lucky enough to try this super mature version of HVD cheddar. It’s grate! (The cheese is mature even if the jokes still aren’t)
  • Cheese 2: Hill Valley Dairy Gouda – Hill Valley’s gouda has a rich flavor and smooth texture that will have you saying “life’s so gouda!” (Again with the jokes!)
  • Cheese 3: Hill Valley Dairy Luna – cheesemaker Ron’s absolute favorite cheese, this is cheese for eating during the night. We all know that the Moon is made from cheese after all…
  • Wine 1: Louis Latour Ardèche Chardonnay – a delicious French Chardonnay.
  • Wine 2: Silk & Spice Red Blend – this Portuguese red blend is silky smooth with a touch of baking spice and is one of our favorite every day reds!
  • Wine 3: Grounded by Josh Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon – a lovely California Cabernet that has just right the amount of everything and tastes great with cheddar cheese.

Price is inclusive of tip. Taxes and processing fee charged at checkout. Additional wine may be purchased at the event.

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