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Cheers to Cheese Wisconsin Night

Gather your friends and head down to Hill Valley Dairy’s Wine Bar to kick off your holiday season with a wine & cheese tasting. Hill Valley Dairy cheesemaker, Ron and Lake Geneva Country Meats wine expert, Nick have worked together to expertly pair 3 cheeses with 3 wines for you to try.

If you find one your love, stick around and enjoy a glass, shop for some cheese or find the perfect wine for your holiday gatherings.

This will be an event series with a different theme each week.

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We’re giving you a tour of the Dairy State without ever leaving Lake Geneva! Tonight, we’re featuring 3 Wisconsin cheeses that show the originality and creativity that the state’s cheese makers are known for paired with versatile wines that you can turn to anytime you want to enjoy a wine and cheese pairing night with friends!

Below is what you’ll be tasting:

  • Cheese 1: Hill Valley Dairy Cheese Curds – what’s more Wisconsin than some fresh curds? These are made the day before the tasting, so they can’t get much fresher!
  • Cheese 2: Cedar Grove Cheese Montague – Wisconsin creameries are innovators in mixing different milks together to make interesting cheeses. This combination of sheep and cow milk cheese is a serial award winner, a Wisconsin original, and super yummy.
  • Cheese 3: Roelli Cheese Red Rock – a combination of cheddar cheese with a blue cheese vein in it, this brings together the best parts of cheddar and blue cheese together. A must try!
  • Wine 1: Hogue Riesling – a little sweet, but with good acidity, this white wine is the perfect complement to the unique flavors in Roelli’s Red Rock!
  • Wine 2: Zonin Prosecco – bubbles are always a great pairing with cheese, especially during the Holiday season.
  • Wine 3: Daou Pessimist Red Blend – we promise you cannot be disappointed by this red blend…ha ha ha, that’s a joke about the name, but seriously, this is smooth, rich, easy drinking and just the perfect wine to enjoy with friends.

Price is inclusive of tip. Taxes and processing fee charged at checkout. Additional wine may be purchased at the event.

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