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LGCM Table Tasting: Beaujolais Beyond Nouveau

LGCM’s Table Tastings are a series of intimate, educational wine tastings focusing on specific wine topics and how they relate to food. This Table Tasting is focusing on wines from Beaujolais, France! Beaujolais is well known for the annual shipment of Nouveau wine – fresh, fruity and not overly complex. Many wine lovers never venture beyond these wines and have no idea that there are so many more delicious wines from Beaujolais available!

This Table Tasting will introduce you to the broader world of Beaujolais and help you gain a deeper appreciation for the complexities and value of higher end wine from this region. During this tasting, we will talk about:
• General history and winemaking style of Beaujolais.
• The different regions and styles of wine within Beaujolais.
• Food pairings with Beaujolais.

Don’t worry, we won’t just be talking about the wine, we’ll be tasting it too! For this tasting, we will have three different 90 point rated wines from Georges Duboeuf winery. These are serious wines and show off how different wines from just a few miles apart can taste! We’ll also be tasting some more entry level, regional wines to provide reference points. Here’s the list:

• Francois Montand Brut – $11.99
• Duboeuf Beajolais Villages – $14.99
• 2014 Duboeuf Fleurie Domaine des Quatre Vents – 90 points Wine Advocate – $19.99
• 2014 Duboeuf Moulin-a-Vent Domaine des Rosiers – 89-91 points Wine Advocate – $19.99
• 2014 Duboeuf Morgon – Belles Grives – 90 points Wine Advocate – $19.99

A light snack of cheese and crackers will be provided during the tasting for you to enjoy with the wine. In addition to the tasting, all three wines will be available for purchase at a discounted price for attendees, including a special package price for all three together.

See you at the tasting!

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