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Plates & Grapes: DAOU’s Culinary Trip from Lebanon to France to California

Plates & Grapes
Enjoy an evening of small plates prepared by Badger High School’s award-winning culinary team paired with six DAOU wines and live music!
The Daou family’s journey from fleeing the Lebanese Civil War to refuge in France and success in California helped provide the influences and determination that make DAOU Vineyard’s wine uniquely delicious.
In this casual outdoor event, you will have the opportunity to enjoy composed small plates of food inspired by each stop of the Daou family’s journey. These plates will be prepared by the award-winning Badger High School culinary team for you to enjoy. Proceeds from tonight’s event will benefit the team as they continue to compete in state and national events!
You will find three tents with food and wine, each tent mirroring one of the Daou family’s stops on their journey to Daou Mountain. You will be able to enjoy an authentic taste of the regions cuisine along with samples and glasses of DAOU Vineyards wine!
A large tent will be provided for community seating, as well as cocktail tables for standing and enjoying the country air. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes as the ground can be a little uneven and we wouldn’t want anyone to get a fancy shoe stuck in the grass!
Cole Brandt will be providing live music for you to enjoy. Cole is one of our favorite local musicians. He’s a guitar virtuouso who brings his own spin on the one-man guitar act by combining jazz, classical, rock, and electronic elements into a very enjoyable experience.
We anticipate a fun and casual evening of delicious food, terrific wine, and fellowship.
Browse three stations of food made from Lake Geneva Country Meats’ quality proteins. Here is a preview of the menu. Exact details of each dish will be finalized as the event draws closer.
Enjoy a lamb-based dish with sides inspired by the mez-culture and hospitality of Lebanon. Paired with DAOU Bodyguard Chardonnay and DAOU Bodyguard Red Blend.
Savor a pork-based dish inspired by the rich stews of Southern France. Paired with DAOU Cabernet Sauvignon and DAOU Rosé.
Delight in a beef dish inspired by the culture of California’s Santa Maria-style barbecue. DAOU Sauvignon Blanc and DAOU
From introductory cooking classes to advanced college-level classes and the national ProStart competition team, the Badger High School culinary program offers a variety of classes in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
Badger’s ProStart has won numerous honors and the program is well known for events like the Lake Geneva Burger Throw Down and past collaborations with LGCM such as a St. Patrick’s Day Chopped Challenge and Winterfest Pancake Breakfast.
Proceeds from this event will go to the ProStart program to help fund their competition expenses. You’ll be in good hands with these talented young culinarians and be a part of offering them real-world experience in a unique culinary event.
DAOU Vineyards, nestled atop the Daou Mountain in Paso Robles, California, stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of winemaking. Founded by the Daou brothers, Georges and Daniel, this esteemed vineyard is famed for its high-quality Bordeaux-style wines. The unique terroir of the region, combined with the brothers’ dedication to craftsmanship, results in wines that captivate with their elegance, balance, and depth. A taste of DAOU is not just about tasting wine, it’s about experiencing the passionate tale of a family’s dream realized.
Lake Geneva Country Meats is a family owned and operated butcher shop dedicated to providing fresh food and friendly service to the Lake Geneva community. Community partnerships and featuring quality products from meat to wine are all central to the mission at Lake Geneav Country Meats.
We will try to accomodate allergies, but due to the nature of the preperation required for this event, we may not be able to provide a dish for you. This will be a gluten-free menu. If you require additional substitutions, please contact us before buying tickets to see if the subsitution is possible.
This is an outdoor event and will proceed unless there is severe weather. In the case of a weather cancellation, we will provide a full refund of your tickets.

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