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Flavor School

Dry Heat Cooking

Gas Grilling

New to gas grilling? Here are our tips on how to get the most out of your gas grill. Grilling on a gas grill has many advantages over cooking with charcoal. With a gas grill, you can quickly and precisely control temperature on your grill, you can easily create a ...

Baking / Roasting

Roasting is an easy way to make all sorts of cuts of meat delicious. Simply put, roasting is the technique of cooking with a dry heat in the oven. Hot air surrounds the food to slowly and evenly cook it. Roasting is especially excellent at taking a less expensive, less ...

Charcoal Grilling

One of the great parts about life in the Midwest is the smell of a charcoal grill being lit in the summertime. Some people love the extra flavors and smells that come from charcoal grilling and some people love the ease and convenience of gas grilling. Neither is wrong, but ...


Sautéing is a fast and easy way to cook thin pieces of meat, seafood or vegetables all the way through. Sautéing is also often times the first step towards cooking a thicker piece of meat through. Today, we have five simple tips on how to help your next sautéed meal ...