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What tools do I need to have for my kitchen?

Just like we do with seasonings, we try to keep the tools needed for our recipes simple. Here are the top 10 tools we recommend you have for your kitchen at home:

  1. Meat thermometer – this tool can literally save your life. Make sure you cook your foods to proper temperatures.
  2. A good chef’s knife – much has been written about this, but you can do so much with just a good chef’s knife. We’re not going to tell you what knife to buy, but make sure you use a good knife. It makes everything easier and safer.
  3. A meat mallet / tenderizer – we often recommend pounding out meat to help tenderize it or to help it cook more evenly. You’ll save money and cook better food with one of these.
  4. Locking tongs – we are big believers in locking tongs. Every time we use a set that doesn’t lock, they go flying all over on us. So we recommend locking tongs 🙂
  5. Box grater – you can do so many things with a box grater. You can shred cheese, zest citrus, shred vegetables, slicing cabbage for coleslaw, and more.
  6. Dutch oven – Dutch ovens are super versatile. You can make stews with them, use them to sauté vegetables on the stovetop, boil vegetables and more. Plus, they’ll last forever.
  7. Cast Iron skillet – cast iron is amazing for frying steaks and more on the stovetop, plus you can then pop it into the oven. When you take care of cast iron properly, it’ll be non-stick without any chemicals.
  8. Slow cooker – do we really need to convince you of the value of a slow cooker? We do recommend that you get a programmable one that will switch to warming mode after it is done cooking. This help makes it easy to start dinner when you leave for work and come home to a perfect dinner at night.
  9. Sheet pans – this may seem silly, but buy some decent sheet pans that are meant for commercial kitchens. They don’t warm and conduct heat really well. Sheet pans are awesome for roasting vegetables and meat on them, plus they’re easy to clean.
  10. Kitchen shears – with our last pick, we’re going for kitchen shears. They’re really useful for all sorts of tasks like spatchcocking a whole chicken that are mush more difficult with a knife.

There are our 10 picks, there are plenty more things you need (we didn’t mention whisks or spatulas or mixing bowls or..) but those are 10 items that we just couldn’t do without!

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