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Freezing Meat – How long can you freeze meat?

How long does frozen meat last?

If you keep food frozen at 0ºF or below, it will stay safe to eat indefinitely. However, after time, the quality will degrade and you may start to develop freezer burn on the packages. Freezer burn is not a food safety problem, just a taste problem and can be trimmed away from the meat after defrosting.

Here are our guidelines on how long frozen meat will stay tasty:

How long does frozen beef last?

Type of meatHow long it freezes
Beef Steaks & Roasts6 – 12 months
Ground Beef4 – 6 months

How long does frozen pork last?

Type of meatHow long it freezes
Pork Chops & Roasts6 – 9 months
Pork Sausage3 – 6 months

How long does frozen chicken last?

Type of meatHow long it freezes
Whole Chicken1 year
Chicken Breasts, Wings, Thighs6 – 9 months

These times are guidelines and may change based on how you have your meat stored and the quality of your freezer.

Always make sure you cook your meat to proper temperatures to ensure it is safe to eat.


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