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What temperature should I cook my beef to?

Here are our guidelines for cooking beef to ensure it is safe to eat:

  1. Use an instant read meat thermometer for the most accurate results, and test the center of the meat to get a temperature.
  2. Mechanically processed cuts of beef like ground beef, hamburger patties, and cube steaks need to be cooked to 165ºF for safety.
  3. Steaks, roasts and other “whole muscle” cuts of beef only need to have the outside surfaces seared at a temperature of over 165º to render the meat safe to eat. After that cooking becomes a matter of personal taste preference. Here is a temperature chart:
    1. Rare | 120 – 125 degrees F
    2. Medium Rare | 130 – 135 degrees F
    3. Medium | 140 to 145 degrees F
    4. Medium Well | 150 to 155 degrees F
    5. Well Done | 160+ degrees F
  4. Always remember to let food rest for 5 minutes after removing it from the heat source.

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