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Top 5 Wine Pairing Tips

A dish paired with the perfect wine is a heavenly delight. It may seem intimidating, but it’s really not. Here are our top 5 wine pairing tips. Hit next to get started!

Pair like flavors together.,Or pair opposites together!,Bubbles go with everything,Foods and wines from the same region are great pairings.,Drink what you like!,,,,

Maybe the easiest way to pair wine is to pair wines together with foods that have similar flavors. For instance, pair a Buttery Garlic Chicken dish with a buttery chardonnay or a dish with cranberries with Pinot Noir. These similar flavors will complement each other and enhance your overall enjoyment of the meal.,Instead of doing a complementary wine pairing, why not go for a little contrast? Try pairing a spicy dish with a sweet wine. Thai food and sweet German rieslings are an excellent pairing as the spice in the food is balanced by the sweetness in the wine. Likewise mushrooms and Pinot Noir are excellent as the earthiness of the mushrooms are balanced by the fruit in the wine. By picking contrasting flavors, you can bring balance to your meal!,If you’re stuck on a wine and food pairing or don’t know what you or your guests would enjoy, take the easy way out and pick bubbles. Sparkling wines are natural pairings for almost any food. Their bubbles act as a palate cleanser between each bite. Try Champagne for richer foods, Prosecco for lighter foods and Cava for food in between. You can even add rosé sparklers for variety!,One of my all time favorite wine pairings is tomato sauce pasta with Sangiovese based wines from Chianti. The acid in the tomato is matched by the acidic Sangiovese grape and the earth in the wine is balanced by the sweetness of the tomato. Old World food and wine styles grew up together and work well together. Honor those traditional pairings and serve wine and food from the same region for excellent results.,Ultimately, the best pairing is the one that you like! Even if the experts say that steak goes with Cabernet, if you love your steak with Moscato, that’s the best pairing for you. Everyone likes something a little different, and that’s okay. We love Champagne and Popcorn, and there are plenty other unusual pairings that are delicious, so get experimenting and enjoy your wine and food together!

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