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Japanese A-5 Wagyu Strip

If you love beef, there is nothing more indulgent and delicious than authentic Japanese A-5 Wagyu beef!

We are excited to offer our customers a Memorial Day weekend pre-buy opportunity for A-5 Kuroge Wagyu Beef from Hyogo-Ken Prefecture. Here’s what you need to know about this beef:

  • A-5 is the highest possible quality rating awarded by the government of Japan. It means that both the yield of the cattle and marbling is exceptional.
  • Kuroge Wagyu, or Japanese Black cattle, is one of four Japanese breeds of cattle known as Wagyu. These cattle are recognized for their exceptional beef production.
  • Hyogo-Ken Prefecture is the Japanese state these cattle come from and is the homeland of Kuroge Wagyu cattle. This is authentic, 100% Japanese beef, not an Australian or American hybrid.

Our A-5 Strip Loins are available in two ways:

  • Fresh, never-frozen 6-ounce strip filets (pictured) that are great to share among 2 people as an entrée or to serve multiple people as an appetizer.
  • Fresh, never-frozen 16-ounce strip steaks that can be cooked and shared among many people or served as a decadent meal for one person.

When you cook your Wagyu beef, we recommend being gentle with your meat, following this procedure:

  1. Heat a non-stick skillet to medium heat. Do not add oil and do not season your beef.
  2. Add the beef to the skillet and cook for about 2 – 3 minutes per side. The beef will let its own fat render out as it cooks. Baste the beef with this fat to enjoy even more flavor.
  3. Once the beef has reached 130ºF, remove it from the skillet and let rest for five minutes and slice into thin strips. Lightly sprinkle with flaky salt and serve!

We do not recommend cooking this beef past medium-doneness, grilling this beef, or cooking it over high heat. The joy of Wagyu beef is enjoying its rich flavor and delicate texture. Intensive cooking negate these unique features of the beef!

We recommend saving the fat from this beef to make roast potatoes or frying vegetables! It is a flavorful and delicious treat to enjoy as a positive by-product of your Wagyu steak.

These orders need to be placed by Noon on Thursday, May 18th, and will be available for pick up Thursday, May 25th – Sunday, May 28th to enjoy on Memorial Day weekend.

Orders not picked by that time will be frozen, and customers will be contacted for alternate pick-up arrangements. No refunds will be issued.

If you have further questions, please email, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.