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Lake Geneva Country Meats Gift Shop

LGCM Grill Dad Chain

Introducing the Dad-cessory of the season: the Lake Geneva Country Meats Grill Dad Chain!

Make a fashion statement this grilling season by wearing your Grill Dad Chain to proclaim to the world that you are a Dad who grills, and be sure to share your pictures on social media with the #lgmeats!

Custom-made for Lake Geneva Country Meats by local artist Noel Winn of Avenue Artworks, these medallions feature the image of a Dad proudly standing by his grill, providing for his family by flame-grilling a juicy Porterhouse steak. Each medallion is attached to a 10-millimeter gold-plated aluminum chain to wear around your neck while grilling.

Trust us; every Dad will want a Grill Dad Chain this Grilling Season.

Watch this video to learn more about the LGCM Grill Dad Chain!

These very real chains are available for $49.99 each, inclusive of tax and complimentary USPS ground shipping.

As each Grill Dad Chain is produced to order by Noel, we will be taking orders through April 10th, and then send all of the orders to Noel. He will work on producing the Grill Dad Chains in April, and we anticipate sending out the completed chains in the middle of May. We appreciate your patience – Noel is a busy artist and each chain takes time to produce!

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