Meet Our Meat Ambassadors

When you shop at Lake Geneva Country Meats, you’ll be greeted and assisted by a team of friendly, knowledgeable staff. Our team will go above and beyond normal levels of service to share meat knowledge, cooking tips and suggestions on products to take your meal to the next level. Our team is the Lake Geneva Country Meats Meat Ambassadors and they’re here to help make your food shopping experience easy and fun.

Just like diplomatic ambassadors travel to foreign lands to share knowledge of their home country, our Meat Ambassadors are here to share knowledge about meat with you. They’re so much more than just mere sales clerks, they’re your friendly resource to learn more about meat. The best part is that you don’t have to travel far to get their knowledge, they’re here waiting for you. Just stop in the store and we’ll provide personal one-on-one service that you just don’t get many other places.

Are you not familiar with a cut of meat in our case? Don’t be shy! Just ask any of our Meat Ambassadors and they’ll happily answer all of your questions about that cut of meat. At Lake Geneva Country Meats, we want to empower you with meat knowledge so you can make the most out of every meal.

Our Meat Ambassadors are specifically trained to have knowledge about:

  • Meat cuts that you know well, in addition to meat cuts you haven’t heard of before!
  • How to easily prepare all of the cuts of meat we have in our market.
  • Complementary seasonings, fresh veggies and beverages to round out your meal.
  • Our Meat Ambassadors are your first and best resource for helpful tips about meat. So come to Lake Geneva Country
  • Meats and meet our Meat Ambassadors for personalized service with smile. We’re confident you’ll appreciate the difference our level of service makes in your food shopping experience. We’ll see you soon at Lake Geneva Country Meats!

Scott Vorpagel

President & CEO

Scott married into the business when he married Kathy, and started working at LGCM full time in 2001 as the Director of Operations. Now the President & CEO, Scott’s years of experience from a large industrial company have helped grow LGCM into the company it is today.

Kathy Vorpagel

Retail Manager

Kathy has a lifetime of meat experience that can only be learned from growing up in a butcher shop. A second generation Leahy family member, Kathy keeps an eye on everything to make sure we’re delivering the best products and experience possible to our customers.

Nick Vorpagel

VP of Business Development

Much like Kathy, Nick has learned from growing up in the business. After college, Nick, a third generation Leahy family member, found his way back to LGCM where he uses his knowledge of food, wine, and more to continue growing the business.

Jeff Schmalfeldt

Production Manager

Jeff has worked his way up from box boy to production manager in his over 30 years at LGCM. He is one of the inaugural Wisconsin Master Meat Crafters, and his knowledge of meat cutting and sausage production helps keep LGCM’s products great.

Kim Adams

Chief Meat Ambassador

Growing up on a beef farm gave Kim knowledge of meat, and getting an MBA gave her management skills. Put together, Kim is the perfect person to head up our retail store on a day to day basis. Stop in and enjoy her friendly nature and great advice.