Mardi Gras Sale

Fat Tuesday has come and gone, but we’re celebrating through Sunday, March 1st here at Lake Geneva Country Meats with a multitude of deals on Cajun flavored favorites! Check out all of these deals:

  • Our award winning Andouille Sausage is on sale for $5.49 per 1.25# rope – 20% savings over normal pricing. This smoked sausage is ready to heat and eat and has a moderately spicy Cajun flavor. It’s great in your next batch of jambalaya, gumbo, or in a veggie, sausage, and rice skillet!
  • Bourbon marinated chicken breasts are on sale for $3.99 per pound – 20% savings over normal pricing. These sweet and tangy marinated breasts are a wonderful addition to jambalaya, or a flavorful start to your favorite chicken recipe.
  • Bourbon marinated pork tenderloins are on sale for $5.49 per pound – 15% savings over normal pricing. These lean pieces of pork are fast and easy to cook. Try using them instead of chicken in your next Cajun recipe.
  • Finally, 1 pound bags of 21-25 size cooked shrimp are on sale for $8.99 each – $1 per bag savings. These ready to eat shrimp are perfect to heat up and add to gumbo or jambalaya.

Keep reading to see our famous jambalaya recipe, discover this week’s special items, and more!

lgcm easy mardi gras jambalaya recipe

It’s easy to make a big batch of hearty Jambalaya when you start with one of LGCM’s Jambalaya kits. Here’s how you’

  1. Grab a Jambalaya packet from LGCM. This has the rice, tomatoes, and seasoning you need to start your batch of jambalaya.
  2. Pick up fresh celery, onion, green pepper, and garlic to add to the jambalaya.
  3. Finally, select your favorite proteins – we suggest Andouille Sausage as a base, but chicken, pork, and shrimp are all excellent additions!
  4. Follow our easy instructions to make the Jambalaya – you’ll have plenty to feed a crowd. Enjoy!

You can get the complete recipe for our Jambalaya by clicking here.

fish with asparagus

seafood sale

Good Wednesday, February 26th – Sunday, March 1st, you can save $2 per 8 ounce piece of wild caught Alaskan Halibut, just $10.99 per piece after discount. Halibut is a firm textured white fish with a mild sweet flavor. It can be cooked by baking, grilling, or sautéing. Check out these halibut recipes you can make at home:

Have a great weekend, and keep your eyes peeled for more deals on sustainable seafood items throughout this Lenten season!

this week’s specials

cheese special

hill valley dairy cajun cheese curds

$5.49 per bag

We love these super flavorful cheese curds from Lake Geneva’s own Hill Valley Dairy! Made extremely infrequently, if you want the Cajun spice flavor, you need to get these while supplies last. These are the favorite flavor of the cheesemaker’s wife, so make sure you try them for yourself.

wine special

la capranera aglianico

$9.99 sale price – $3 savings

Have you ever tried an Aglianico? This overlooked Italian red wine is one of our favorite food pairing wines, and a great value. La Capranera’s Aglianico is made from organically grown grapes, and has dark cherry, plum, baking spice, and smoky flavor notes. With a medium-full body, and plenty of acidity, it’s a great pairing for beef stews, pizza, or pasta and red sauce!

produce specials

We’ve brought a few special items in to the store for your Mardi Gras produce needs. Check them out:

  • Okra – $4.49/lb.
  • 4 packs of mixed Bell Peppers – $3.49 each.

Plus, we have all the garlic, onions, celery, and more you need for your Mardi Gras cooking needs!

check out our lgcm merch!

We’ve added a TON of new merch to our online gift shop: t-shirts, hats, and even onesies for the kids! Check out some of the new items, and use the link below to visit the store.