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Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

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$20 Seafood Stock Up Sale

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

We’re more than just meat at Lake Geneva Country Meats, we’re your stop for quality frozen seafood as well!

Now that it’s Lent, we know many people enjoy seafood on Fridays, and we’re offering huge savings on some of our top-selling seafood items when you buy multiple pieces. Check out the deals!

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Take home six-6 ounce pieces of wild-caught Pacific Cod for just $20.

This popular flaky fish is terrific for fish fries or baking.

$6.94 savings!

Mustard Glazed Salmon

Take home five-5 ounce pieces of Fjord-raised Norwegian salmon for $20.

This versatile & richly flavored fish can be baked or pan-seared.

$7.45 savings!

Sesame Crusted Tuna Steaks

Take home five-6 ounce pieces of wild-caught Yellowfin Tuna for $20.

This quality fish can be baked, grilled, or even used to make your favorite sushi roll recipe!

$9.95 savings!

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Magno Salsa

Take home five-5 ounce pieces of wild-caught Mahi Mahi for $20.

This tropical fish has notes of sweetness in the flavor and is delicious with a fruit salsa on top!

$9.955 savings!

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Take home four-8 ounce pieces of wild-caught Swordfish for $20.

This game fish has a sweet flavor, and firm moist texture that can stand up to high heat on the grill or sauté pan.

$7.96 savings!

cooked sole fillet

Take home four-8 ounce pieces of wild-caught Sole for $20.

This flat fish has a mild flavor and firm texture perfect to quickly bake or pan fry.

$9.955 savings!

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Add Shrimp!

If you’re a shrimp lover, take advantage of this deal on 1# bags of 10/15 count raw shrimp from Philly’s Wild Texas Brown Shrimp.

These wild-caught American shrimp are brown shrimp with the tail-on and vein intact and pack lots of flavor in their shells.

Take home 2 bags for $25!

Weekend Specials

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

It’s the flavor of the Midwest – welcome to the Hidden Valley!

You asked, and we listened! You wanted more flavored burger patties, and we’re bringing you more. Based on an idea from our butcher Mike, we are rolling out a new Bacon Ranch Burger Patty for you to try. Just to make it even better, we’re offering a few more ranch-flavored goodies to go with the burgers.

New! Bacon Ranch Burgers – these 6 ounce burger patties are made with ground chuck, LGCM bacon, and Hidden Valley ranch seasoning. $6.99 per pound – available at 2 PM Friday while supplies last!

Ranch Cheese Curds – our friend Ron from Hill Valley Dairy whipped up a fresh batch of ranch-flavored cheese curds. Get a bag to enjoy with your bacon ranch burgers! $7.49 per bag.

Ranch Peppercorn Pork Chops – we marinate these boneless pork chops in a creamy ranch and peppercorn sauce. They’re great on the grill and very kid-friendly! $4.99 per pound.

Piedmontese Steak Special

The weather looks great, so we acquired a special load of Certified Piedmontese beef to share with you this weekend!

Certified Piedmontese Beef are a heritage breed of cattle known for their distinctive flavor and exceptional tenderness. We took chuck flap meat and turned them into thinly-cut boneless short rib steaks for you to enjoy.

These steaks are perfect for grilling and can be seasoned to your taste or even marinated with a rich steakhouse-style marinade if you prefer!

Certified Piedmontese Boneless Short Rib Steaks – $14.99 per pound while supplies last. 

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

This Week’s Fresh Sausage Flavors

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Every week, we make a selection of fresh sausage flavors for you to enjoy. Here’s what we have available this week. Bolded flavors are limited availability!

  • BBQ Cheddar Brats
  • Cheddar Cheese & Green Pepper Brats
  • Cherry Brats
  • Hot Italian Sausage
  • Onion & Garlic Brats
  • Portabella Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Brats
  • Shepherd’s Pie Brats
  • Southwest Brats
  • Sweet Whiskey Peppercorn Brats
  • Traditional Brats
  • Wisconsin 3 Cheese Brats