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Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

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Save on steak at LGCM!

Coffee Crusted Strip Steak

Lean, flavorful and delicious in your belly!

It’s prime summer grilling season, and we think it’s time for you to enjoy a steak or two on your grill

This week, New York Strip Steaks are on sale for $15.99 per pound – 15% savings over normal pricing.

These popular steaks are the perfect combination of lean beef nutrition with great flavor and excellent tenderness. They do great on the grill, or can be cooked in a cast-iron skillet to achieve an incredible sear on the outside.

We’re stocking the store full of delicious special items, so keep reading to see more specials, limited availability items, as well as recipe ideas to make delicious New York Strip Steak meals!

Strip Steak Meals

Strip steaks are perfectly delicious when they’re seasoned with our Ultimate Steak and Roast Rub and then cooked to medium rare on your preferred cooking surface. However, adding a topping or sauce can make your steak so much more fun, even if it’s not necessary! Here are some of our favorite recipe ideas to make your Strip Steak just a little more fun:

Special Items

Extra special cuts of meat available starting Friday morning – while supplies last!

Dry Aged USDA Prime T-Bone & Porterhouse Steaks

If the Dad in your life is a steak lover, these are some of the best possible steaks for him to enjoy. Juicy USDA Prime Ribeye Steaks that have been dry aged for 21 days to peak tenderness and flavor. 

Supplies are limited, so if you want to enjoy these incredible steaks, give us a call at 262-248-3339 option 3 to reserve your today!

Dry Aged USDA Prime T-Bone Steaks: $20.99 per pound

Dry Aged USDA Prime Porterhouse Steaks: $22.99 per pound

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Gourmet Burgers

These awesome half pound burgers are always a hit! 

The 80% lean blend of brisket, chuck, sirloin, and tenderloin produces a uniquely rich flavor that has made devoted followers of many of our customers.

Make sure you grab yours while supplies last!

Gourmet Burgers: $6.99 per pound

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Fresh Sausages

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Here’s what you can find fresh in our case this week – quantities are limited, so if you see something you want, please give us a call at 262-248-3339 option 3 to reserve your favorites!

  • Apple Brats
  • Cheddar & Green Pepper Brats
  • Cherry Brats
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Brats
  • Chicken Cranberry & Rice Brats
  • Filipino Longanisa Sausage
  • Green Chili Chorizo
  • Hot Italian Sausage
  • Hungarian Sausage
  • Onion & Garlic Brats
  • Portabella Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Brats
  • Pizza Brats
  • Traditional Bratwursts
  • Wisconsin Three Cheese Brats

Seafood Sales & Specials

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

You know we have incredible quality meats, but did you know we’re also your spot to get quality frozen and fresh seafood? See what we’re featuring this week.

PS – if you’re looking for fresh seafood that isn’t listed here, give us a call at 262-248-3339 to ask about special ordering. We’re often able to get exactly what you want at a great price!

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Fresh Shrimp

We’re happy to offer fresh Oishii Shrimp from Thailand. These jumbo sized (13 – 15 ct.) shrimp are sustainably raised and processed to create a clean, fresh tasting shrimp.

Fresh Friday – Sunday while supplies last for $19.99 per pound.

Fresh Salmon

Heart healthy and delicious, salmon is one of our best selling seafood items. This weekend, we have Chilean-raised Atlantic Salmon available fresh for you to grill, sauté, or bake – whatever your like!

Available for $15.99 per pound – about $6 per 6 oz. piece.

salmon fillets
Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Phillips Crab Cakes

These Maryland Sytle Crab Cakes aer packed full of premium, wild-caught crab meat in a creamy base of mayonnaise, breadcrumbs and Worcestershire sauce. Tangy mustard, zesty lemon and our own exclusive blend of seafood seasonings add rich, Maryland-style flavor to these hand-crafted cakes.

They’re perfect to enjoy this summer out on the patio and easy to sauté or bake.

On sale for $10.49 per package – $2.50 savings.


Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Salemville Gorgonzola Cheese

Salemville® Gorgonzola Cheese gained widespread fame by winning “Best American-Made Blue Cheese” at the World Championship Cheese Contest in 2000. This rBGH-free blue cheese is savory and slightly piquant with a rich, earthy flavor. Its creamy texture and beautiful, consistent veining make it the perfect addition to a fruit-based cheese plate. Melt on hamburgers or stir into mashed potatoes and you’re sure to have a crowd-pleaser!

Serving Suggestions:

  • Add to pasta, risotto or mashed potatoes
  • Serve with pears, apples, apricots, walnuts or cashews
  • Melt on hamburgers, fish or poultry
  • Blend into dressings
  • Perfect in a salad with pears and light vinaigrette

On sale for $3.39 per package.

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats
Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Produce Specials

1# containers of Strawberries – now $2.50 each.

Red Seedless Grapes- now $1.99 per pound.

Pint containers of Grape Tomatoes – now $2.00 each.

6 oz. containers of Raspberries – now $2.00 each.

California Quinoa Salad – now $7.49 per pound in the deli.

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Boar’s Head Everroast Chicken Breast

Slow roasted for homestyle flavor, Boar’s Head EverRoast Chicken Breast is expertly seasoned with a traditional mirepoix of carrots, celery, onions and a medley of spices making each delicious slice simply the best roast chicken — ever.

Sale priced at $7.99 per pound.

Potato Pull Apart Rolls

Our house made potato pull apart rolls are flaky, delicious, and the perfect as a side dish for your next meal, or as the bun for slices of our award winning ham!

$3 per half dozen – fresh Saturday morning.

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats