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Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

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Baby Back Rib Sale

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Fall off the bone delicious ribs at home!

We think perfectly cooked pork ribs are one of the most delicious things in the world. Savory, tender pork with your favorite BBQ seasonings – man, that’s a bite that cannot be beat. You don’t need to go to a restaurant to get them, you can easily make them at home. Start with quality ribs, use our recipes, and give it a try. This is the week to do it, because…

This week, Baby Back Ribs are on sale for $5.59 per pound – 20% savings.

While you may think you have to own a smoker to cook ribs, nothing could be further from the truth. Ribs cook beautifully in a slow cooker or in your oven. We have plenty of easy to follow recipes for you to use at home. You can find them below.

Keep reading to see everything else we have going on right now at Lake Geneva Country Meats!

Baby Back Rib Recipes

This Week’s Fresh Sausage Flavors

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

Every week, we make a selection of fresh sausage flavors for you to enjoy. Here’s what we have available this week. Bolded flavors are limited availability!

  • Cheddar & Green Pepper Brats
  • Cheesesteak Brats
  • Cherry Brats
  • Chicken Hot Wing Brats
  • Hatch Chile & Cheese Curd Brats
  • Maple Pancake Breakfast Sausage Links
  • Onion & Garlic Brats
  • Portabella Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Brats
  • Seipp Beer Brats
  • Sour Cream & Cheddar Brats
  • Sweet Whiskey Peppercorn Brats
  • Thuringian Sausages
  • Traditional Brats

Limited Availability Items

Weekly Sales at Lake Geneva Country Meats

For Father’s Day weekend, we have loaded up with an almost unbelievable amount of special items! From wagyu to flavored burgers to USDA Prime Dry-Aged beef, we’ve got something for every taste and budget.

Check out this list of tasty morsels that any Dad would love to put on his grill.

Available starting Tuesday, June 11th:

  • Cheddar & Jalapeño Burgers – seasoned six-ounce burgers stuffed with Wisconsin cheddar cheese and pickled jalapeños. $6.99 per pound.
  • Australian MBS 9+ Wagyu Ribeye Steaks – incredible marbling means terrific flavor and succulent tenderness in these steaks. A true treat! $79.99 per pound.
  • USDA Prime New York Strip Steaks – USDA Prime marbling elevates these steaks to a new level of flavor. $21.99 per pound.
  • USDA Prime Briskets – available as whole, trimmed briskets, these briskets will help make sure you don’t overcook them on your smoker! $8.99 per pound.

Available starting Thursday, June 13th:

  • Gourmet Burgers – our signature blend of brisket, chuck, sirloin, and tenderloin in half-pound, 80% lean burgers. $8.99 per pound.
  • Certified Piedmontese Dry Aged Tomahawk Steaks – noted for their incredible tenderness, this Italian breed of cattle was raised on Nebraska pasture. You’ll get the best of old-world and new-world in these 21-day dry-aged tomahawks! Supplies are limited, we suggest pre-ordering online. $24.99 per pound.
  • USDA Prime Dry Aged Porterhouse Steaks – huge pieces of tenderloin and strip steak with USDA Prime marbling. A great steak for Father’s Day! $23.99 per pound.
  • USDA Prime Dry Aged T-Bone Steaks – a smaller version of the Porterhouse with all the same marbling and a lower price. $21.99 per pound.