Enjoy Your Food Like a Chef with Chef Nelly Buleje

Happy Valentine's Day from the Dinner Plus Drinks team! We talk a little about Valentine's Day, and head right into Mardi Gras talk and so much more. Listen online or in your favorite podcast player.

As a millennial, I have a lot of anxiety. (Haha – everyone loves a good millennial joke!) One of the things I have anxiety about is trying new types of foods and not being “inauthentic” about “someone else’s” cuisine or culture. I think a lot of other people feel this way as well, and I wanted to talk to a culinary expert about this dilemma.

On this episode we’re joined by Chef Nelly Buleje of Grand Geneva Resort and Spa to talk about this topic. In Chef’s own words, “he’s as Latino as Latino comes” but his signature restaurants are an American-style steakhouse, and a high-end Italian restaurant. Some people might have a hard time making this work, but Nelly is totally comfortable in his shoes, and loves what he’s doing. He shares how he approaches learning about food, appreciating other cultures, and staying authentic to the spirit of a cuisine.

Nelly is a fun guy, and this is a fun chat. We hope you enjoy it, and come away with even more confidence to experience and enjoy new foods.

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Grand Geneva Resort and Spa is hosting a “Winter Wine Dinner: a night of dry aging, curing and sous vide” on Friday, February 28th. This meal will feature 5 courses of delectable food will be paired with wines from the Duckhorn Wine portfolio. It’s sure to be a great event, and one you don’t want to miss. You can get tickets at grandgeneva.com or by clicking here.

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