Flavor in 2020 featuring John Brewer of Excalibur Seasoning

This episode of Dinner plus Drinks is an interview with John Brewer of Excalibur Seasonings. John shares his experiences and lets us know some of the trends he's noticing in flavors in 2019 and into 2020. Listen online by using the player in this post, or use the links provided to listen using your favorite podcast player.

In this episode of the Dinner Plus Drinks interview series, we are joined by John Brewer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Excalibur Seasoning. Excalibur Seasoning is our major seasoning supplier, and John has a wonderful perspective to share what he thinks will be happening in the world of flavor as we enter 2020. You can listen using the player below, or use the links in the player to listen on your favorite podcasting app.


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