Jon & Kristy from Just North of Memphis BBQ

“Barbecue is an opportunity for world peace” – that’s the philosophy of Jon from Just North of Memphis BBQ and Catering. On this special interview episode, Jon and his wife Kristy, the owners of JNOM joined us to talk all things barbecue. Throughout the course of the interview, we talk about what exactly barbecue is, how the couple got involved in barbecue, stories from the road, and, of course, a few tips on how to make great barbecue at home.

Whether you’re a rib fanatic or not, this is an interesting interview with people who are passionate about what they do and feeding good food to good people. We hope you enjoy the episode and check out what Just North of Memphis has to offer!

You can find Just North of Memphis online on their website (where you can purchase their rub and sauces for shipping to you) or you can join their Facebook group. They are still offering pop up catering and will get back on the circuit as soon as things open back up, so follow along to see when you can try their dry rubbed deliciousness next!

You can listen to the audio from this week’s episode, by using the player below, or clicking a link to listen on your favorite podcast app.

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Cheers everybody!

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