Laurin Mack of Conrad Seipp Brewing Co. – Dinner Plus Drinks Interview

On this special interview episode of the Dinner Plus Drinks podcast, we spoke with Laurin Mack, proprietor, owner, queen, and head of The Conrad Seipp Brewing Co! Laurin is a direct descendent of Conrad Seipp, a legendary brewer in Chicago history, and builder of Black Point Estate & Gardens on Geneva Lake.

The brand disappeared with Prohibition, but Laurin is bringing it back, and the BEER IS DELICIOUS. In this interview we talk about: – Who Conrad Seipp was and what his brewery was all about. – How Laurin got interested in reviving the family legacy. – Why this beer (and its historic connections) matter in a world full of beer. – Laurin’s plans for the future of The Conrad Seipp Brewing Co.

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Learn more about The Conrad Seipp Brewing Co. at:

Learn more about Black Point Estate & Gardens Historic Site:


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