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Cajun seasoning is a true American original, it’s a style of cooking that was developed in Southern Louisiana by French speaking Canadians kicked out of Canada by the British. They adapted their French culinary traditions with locally available ingredients and voila! Cajun cuisine was born! Cajun cooking often starts with a base of what’s called the holy trinity. No, not Father, Son and Holy Ghost, three aromatic vegetables – green bell pepper, onion and celery that when cooked together makes a rich flavor base. On top of that base, protein and seasonings will be added depending on the dish. Popular Cajun seasonings are parsley, bay leaf, black pepper and of course, cayenne pepper!

Cajun cooking serves a wide variety of seafood, sausages and chicken and pork dishes. You can add Cajun seasonings to lots of dishes to make them spicy or you can make some authentic dishes at home. Come Mardi Gras, everyone will be looking to make our spicy Andouille Jambalaya recipe. We have lots of other Cajun inspired recipes on our website for you to try ranging from Cajun Fried Tilapia to Cajun Pork Pinwheels. Try them all and let the good times roll, Cajun style!

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