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Adobo is a Spanish word that simply means seasoning. In the culinary world, the word has come to refer to a family of flavors from Latin America and the Philippines. Each culture has their own twist on Adobo, but the Mexican variety of Adobo is the one you’ll find at LGCM. This seasoning isn’t hot, but it’s spicy and packed with flavor. A typical Adobo mix will include lots of garlic, onion, chilies, oregano, cumin and more Latin style seasonings to your own taste.

Adobo seasoning works well on beef, pork or chicken for a wide range of Mexican style dishes. I love to throw it on a skirt steak and make fajitas. Combine it with some salt to make a very effective dry brine. You can also try making a Mexican Adobo sauce by blending chilies, garlic and vinegar. This sauce is a great marinade for chicken or shrimp.

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