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Chimichurri is a South American seasoning that comes either as a dry rub or a green sauce. Chimichurri is most closely identified with Argentina, where many Basques settled in the 19th century. The Basques, coming from Spain and France, gave the sauce its name, which in the Basque language roughly means “a mixture of several things in no particular order.” Chimichurri is a blend of freshly chopped parsley, minced garlic and oregano. To make it a sauce, add olive oil and white vinegar. The Uruguayans have a slightly spicier version that adds red pepper, and sometimes other seasonings like cilantro and basil may be added.

Chimichurri is seriously one of our favorite seasonings. It’s amazingly delicious on grilled meats of all types but especially beef. Pretend you’re an Argentinian gaucho and make a Chimichurri flank steak. Or try seasoning ground beef with chimichurri and then stuffing it in an empanada. Whatever you do, make sure you make lots of the chimichurri sauce, because you’ll want extra to serve on the side of your meat for dipping, and make sure you have bread to use for dipping!

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