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Health FAQ's

What cuts of pork are lean?

It’s easy to eat lean with pork. While pulled pork from the pork shoulder, bacon, and hams may not be lean cuts, much of the middle, loin portion of the pig is considered lean. Feel free to grill, BBQ, and sauté away on these lean cuts of pork: Extra Lean ...

What is a lean cut of meat?

Lean meat is a term controlled by the USDA, and cuts that are termed a lean cut need to meet specific nutritional guidelines. These cuts are excellent ways to incorporate nutritious protein into your diet. Here are the guidelines for a cut to be considered lean: Lean Meat – per 3 ...

What cuts of beef are lean?

Many cuts of beef are lean, nutritious cuts of meat. Generally, cuts from the round or loin are the most lean cuts. Remember, lean meats can get tough if they’re overcooked. We recommend using low and slow methods of cooking and not cooking these cuts beyond medium (140ºF). Here’s a list ...

What cuts of chicken are lean?

Chicken is naturally a very lean protein, but if you don’t watch carefully, you can pick a cut that isn’t lean. The skin of chicken does contain fat, so you want to make sure you select boneless, skinless products if you’re trying to select lean cuts. As an alternative to ...