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Lake Geneva Country Meats

Types of Meat

Pork Spare Ribs

Medium Tender
How to Cook

Spare ribs are ribs cut from the section of the pork rib closer to the belly of the hog rather than the loin of the hog, like Baby Back (Loin) Ribs. These ribs are meatier, have more fat and have a richer pork flavor than the more well known Baby Back Ribs. Spare Ribs come in two varieties – plain old Spare Ribs which have little chunks of meat called “rib tips” with them and St. Louis style Spare Ribs which are cut straighter and don’t have rib tips with them. Spare Ribs can be cooked with any Baby Back Rib recipe, but just use a bit more time to make sure they cook all the way through!

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