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LGCM & The Candle Mercantile Test Beef Fat Candles

Exciting news candle & meat lovers!

Lake Geneva Country Meats & The Candle Mercantile have teamed up to test candles made from beef suet.

Facing supply chain issues in acquiring the soy wax that they usually make their candles from, The Candle Mercantile co-owners Liz Doyle and Leigh Ann Myers turned to Nick Vorpagel at Lake Geneva Country Meats to collaborate on making candles from the steady stream of animal fat available at Lake Geneva Country Meats.

Here is a video documenting our testing:

While our test candle smelled INCREDIBLE and burned clean, long, and bright, it turns out that getting the necessary permits to make animal byproduct candles is as hard as keeping a candle burning in the wind.

As you can imagine, we were disappointed we wouldn’t be able to supply The Candle Mercantile with beef suet for candles, but Liz and Leigh Ann had a consolation idea: exclusive LGCM signature scent candles…made from soy.

Our signature candle is a blend of four different scented oils that evoke the smells of grilling after a day spent outside. You’ll enjoy aromas of:

  • Freshly cut grass, a staple of summer in Wisconsin.
  • Smoke rising from a charcoal grill.
  • Seasoned beef steaks sizzling on that grill.

If you would like to purchase one, they are priced at a special introductory price of $20 until April 4th, 2022. They are normally $25 each. You can stop at Lake Geneva Country Meats and purchase one, or you can order online for in-store pickup. Limited quantities are available, so act fast. These would make a fabulous Easter basket gift!

If you’d like to make your own beef tallow candle at home (no permits required), you can follow this link to get step by step instructions.

Happy April 1st from Lake Geneva Country Meats!

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