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Why Buy Frozen Seafood

While our name is Lake Geneva Country MEATS, we also have great frozen seafood available at the store. We often get questions about if we have fresh seafood available, and if the frozen seafood tastes different than fresh. Frozen seafood, as strange as it sounds, is often “fresher” than fresh seafood, of great quality, and is a terrific bargain. Here’s a little more information about the benefits of buying frozen seafood from Lake Geneva Country Meats.

Frozen Seafood is Frozen When Caught

With modern fishing techniques, lots of fish is now processed on the open ocean. With quick freeze technology, fish can be cleaned, cut into fillets and flash frozen within hours of being caught. The flash freezing (like we use in our custom processing) locks in freshness, flavor and nutrition. The fish is then kept frozen from ship to fish monger to store to you until you defrost for cooking. Fresh fish must be quickly taken to shore, flown to a hub, driven to a monger, delivered to a store, and then to you. This means the fish is usually days old and losing freshness by the time you cook it.

Frozen Seafood is More Economical

The increased transport costs of fresh seafood is passed along to the consumer! Save your money by shopping frozen, and buy a higher quality of fish or a value added product (like our Potato and Cheese Crusted Cod fillets) for the same price as a lower quality of fresh fish.

Frozen Seafood is Always in Season

Freezing seafood allows fish to be caught in the best places for the fish, during the best season for that fish and then frozen to lock in freshness year round. Fresh fish is subject to what season is open and where the fish are at during any given time.

Frozen Seafood is Better for the Environment

Transporting fresh seafood requires air shipment, which creates a much higher environmental impact than frozen seafood, which can be transported via ship or ground. This is not only better for the Earth, but as mentioned earlier, your wallet!

We hope this information answered your questions, if you have more, please be sure to Contact Us, or try reading this post from National Geographic, and don’t forget to check all of our seafood recipes.

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