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Run Away from Tornados? | Dinner Plus Drinks #47

Loyal listeners, we want to know are you Team Bridget (stay and cower in basement) or Team Nick (drive away from a tornado and not die) when it comes to tornados? We’re still not sure if we had a for real tornado in Lake Geneva, but we sure had a big storm, and it caused some MAJOR debate on this episode of Dinner Plus Drinks. As always, we want to know your feedback, so be sure to hit us up and let us know your thoughts!

Here’s what else we have on this episode:

  1. Nick made a delicious Cranberry Orange Fizz cocktail. It was refreshing but also very Thanksgiving. The recipe is 4 parts cranberry juice + 2 parts gin + 1 part triple sec + 1 part orange juice. Shake to combine, pour over ice, and top with cranberry Sprite (or similar soda). You can also garnish with frozen cranberries or muddled thyme!
  2. Bridget was incredibly inspired this week by Chris Nikic becoming the first person with Down Syndrome to complete an Ironman. This is an incredible accomplishment and you can learn more about Chris and support his 1% Better Challenge by visiting his website.
  3. Nick thought this story about the use of analytics in high school football was fascinating. Do you think too many resources are being put into high school sports? Let us know, we debate this subject a lot! Click here to read the article from the NY Times.
  4. Bridget highly recommends BestStamps4U – a local small company – for making custom stamps for Holiday gifts. It’s a thoughtful, unique, and useful gift!
  5. Nick is excited that our friends at The Candle Mercantile in Lake Geneva have their Holiday scents out. They’re open for local pickup and also ship all over the country!
  6. Bridget is excited to try these Roast Beef Cheddar Pockets for Sunday football snacks.
  7. Nick is all over these Bourbon Glazed Steak Bites. They’re so yummy!

You can listen online with the player below, or click the links to listen on your favorite podcast service.

Thank you so much for listening! If you can please subscribe, rate us, review us, and share with your friends, we’d really appreciate it. Remember, you can watch this episode on our YouTube channel, and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for extra content, or drop us a line at hello /at/ dinnerplusdrinks /dot/ com.

Have a great week, we’ll talk you to soon!

~ Bridget and Nick

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