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New at LGCM – Macaroni and Cheese Brats

Hello brat loving fans! We are excited to introduce our newest bratwurst creation – released on April 1st, 2021 – the Macaroni and Cheese Bratwurst!

Featuring pork, beef, macaroni noodles, lots of seasoning, and plenty of cheddar cheese, this is a culinary sensation that you may believe is too cheesy to be true! Fear not sausage aficionados, this creation is indeed as good as you imagine it to be. Stop into Lake Geneva Country Meats and try some while they last! Check out the video below to learn more, or keep reading to see a list of frequently asked questions about this bratwurst!


Well, we always have customers asking for new brat flavors, and we thought this would be an awesome way to deliver what our customers want – more cheese, please – to our fans. I mean really, why not?

How do I cook this brat?

We recommend cooking this brat under a broiler on low heat for about 8 minutes per side, or until each side is browned and the meat is cooked through. We don’t recommend parboiling this one due to the cheese and noodles inside it. Those ingredients can get a little oozed out and overcooked if you parboil too long.

What’s all in this brat?

We start this sausage with a meat block of pork and beef made from all fresh meat that come from whole muscle cuts. We then use a special macaroni and cheese seasoning to bring the cheesiness to the sausage. Next, we add cooked semolina macaroni noodles and finish the bratwurst with a generous helping of Wisconsin cheddar cheese!

What toppings do you suggest for this brat?

This is a fun brat to load up with toppings. Here are a few ideas:

  • Drizzle it with nacho cheese sauce on top – even more cheesy!
  • Make a “loaded” mac and cheese by adding roasted red peppers and bacon bits on top.
  • Go surf and turf by adding cooked lobster meat, paprika, and shredded gruyere cheese on top.
  • Take inspiration from a chili cheese dog and make a chili mac and cheese dog by smothering warm chili and shredded cheddar cheese on top of this brat.
  • Finally, treat yourself with a truffle mac and cheese brat by shaving truffles and parmesan on top of the bratwurst!

Is this a joke?

Do you really think we would put all of this effort into this if this was a joke?

We hope you can come into the store and get your Macaroni and Cheese Brats while they last! Happy April 1st!

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