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Reduce by Half Episode 24: The Big Green Egg with Mike Essman

If you follow Lake Geneva Country Meats, you’ve probably seen a few pictures with our Big Green Egg in the background. A lot of the food that we make comes off a Big Green Egg, and we’re huge fans of the Big Green Egg. We get lots of questions about the Ultimate Cooking Experience, and we try to answer them as well as we can, but for a podcast, we recruited an expert to share all the details on the Big Green Egg.

On this episode, we’re joined by Mike Essman, who is the District Sales Rep for the Big Green Egg around Wisconsin, the Dakotas, and Minnesota, and the guy who turned us on to the Big Green Egg. If you’re interested in taking your grilling and smoking games to the next level, take a listen to this podcast. Mike tells you all about The Big Green Egg, and helps you understand the difference between a Big Green Egg and other cooking vehicles. You can listen on the player below or click here to listen on iTunes – enjoy!


Mike Essman Big Green Egg
Mike Essman with his beautiful Big Green Egg truck!

Some of our favorite BGE recipes

You can do so much with a Big Green Egg – smoke, grill, bake, and lots more. Here are a few recipes that we enjoy making on the Big Green Egg.Reduce by Half Episode 24: The Big Green Egg with Mike Essman

Big Green Egg Brisket Recipe

We made this recipe with Mike, and it’s so good! It includes a video so you can follow along step by step as we smoke this brisket.

[button link=”” target=”blank”]Get the recipe![/button]

Smoked Chimichurri Tri Tip

Smoked Chimichurri Tri Tip Steaks

Tri Tip steaks do super well with a bit of smoked flavor. Cook them on indirect heat on your Big Green Egg for fabulous results.

[button link=”” target=”blank”]Get the recipe![/button]

Seasoned Pork Shoulder

Smoked Pork Shoulder

This is a staple recipe for any Egg Head, and one of the first things I recommend you do when you get an Egg. It’s easy to make, harder to screw up, and very delicious.

[button link=”” target=”blank”]Get the recipe![/button]

Sous Vide Cooking Rib Steak

Sous Vide Steak

This is where we get a little food geeky. Some of the best steaks I’ve ever had have been first cooked sous vide to the exact temperature I want (130ºF for medium rare), and then finished over a super hot Big Green Egg for an amazing sear. Give it a try!

[button link=”” target=”blank”]Get the recipe here![/button]

There are so many more recipes you can try – leave us a comment below with your favorites, or click here to go to the Big Green Egg website and see all their recipes!

Thanks for listening, we hope you got lots of great information on one of our favorite culinary tools. We really appreciate Mike’s time, and think he did a great job explaining the Big Green Egg. If you’d like to keep getting more episodes of Reduce by Half, just click here and you can subscribe on iTunes. We’ll be back soon with another great episode. Cheers!

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