Reduce by Half Episode 46: I Read Bill Kim’s Korean BBQ

I love Korean BBQ, and I’ve always been impressed by Bill Kim’s cooking. When I found out he had a cookbook out, I checked out a copy from the Lake Geneva Public Library, and read it. In this podcast episode, I review it in the best way I could think of – by coming up with my own recipe based on the book, and Chef Bill’s philosophy on Kung Fu cooking. I hope you’ll listen to this episode for my review of the book and sharing of the recipe I came up with. You can listen on iTunes or using the player below – Nick.

Korean BBQ by Bill Kim with Chandra Ram

Korean BBQ by Bill Kim

Korean BBQ is a cookbook by Chef Bill Kim with Chandra Ram that shares Bill’s culinary journey, starting as an immigrant from Korea to the United States, his philosophy on cooking, useful grilling tips, and plenty of delicious recipes. The book is fun to read as a book, cover to cover, and a great resource for cooks who want to pickup new recipes for the grill. You can use this link to purchase the book online, and we at Lake Geneva Country Meats will get a portion of the sale!

Korean Vietnamese BBQ Pork Chop Recipe

Korean Vietnamese BBQ Pork Chops with Wine

Chef Bill talks about Kung Fu grilling in the book, and in his words ,”cooking kung fu style is not about taking yourself too seriously or turning cooking into something that isn’t fun.” Many of Bill’s recipes blur lines between Korean and other styles of food including Puerto Rican, French, American, and Indian cuisines. I love his approach to combining flavors regardless of where they came from.

At the start of the book, Bill gives recipes for 7 master sauces, and 3 master rubs, and shared the advice that it’s possible to make endless new dishes by thinking about the flavors in these sauces, and combining all the flavors you think would taste good together. He specifically mentioned that pork has a bit of sweetness, and accenting a sweet Korean BBQ sauce, or contrasting the pork with a tangier sauce like Vietnamese Nuoc Cham would be interesting flavor combinations. I decided why not do both, and a recipe was born. Here’s my recipe, inspired by Chef Bill Kim, for Korean Vietnamese BBQ Pork Chops. You can get the full recipe and see more pictures by clicking here.

Thanks for checking out this episode! We hope you enjoyed – feel free to leave us a comment on this page with your feedback from the episode!

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