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All About Thanksgiving: The Bird!

Thanksgiving 2020 - All About Thanksgiving, The Bird

At Lake Geneva Country Meats, our turkeys are fresh turkeys that have never been frozen and come to us from Amish farms in Minnesota. We think this is important because every time meat is frozen, it loses moisture. With a bird like a turkey, losing moisture makes it even harder to cook well, so buying a fresh turkey will help you make the most delicious bird possible!

Our turkeys are selling fast, so we recommend you reserve your turkey now. You can reserve the perfect size for you by calling us at 262-248-3339 option 3, or click here to fill out our online reservation form. They are $2.69 per pound, and sizes from 8 pounds to 30 pounds are available.

Turkey Recipes

With so many ways to cook turkey, we selected a few of the best ways we know how and can’t wait to share them with you below.


If you want a traditional whole roast turkey on the middle of your table, this is the best recipe we have for you!

Get the complete recipe on our website!

Spatchcoking (or butterflying) is our favorite way to quickly cook turkey without drying it out.  We can even spatchcock the turkey for you!

Get the complete recipe on our website!

Using side pork (unsmoked, fresh bacon) on your turkey breast while roasting the bird will help the turkey stay juicy and super flavorful!

Get the complete recipe on our website!


To learn more about turkeys, including what size turkey to order, the difference between different types of turkeys, our favorite resources on how to carve turkeys, and much more, click here to visit our Thanksgiving turkey page.

We’ll see you soon at Lake Geneva Country Meats.

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