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Italian seasoning, as we think of it, is something that you can only find in America. Our classic Italian seasoning mix of ground basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme with maybe some garlic or sage thrown in, isn’t labeled and sold as Italian seasoning in Italy. Instead authentic Italian dishes will use the fresh version of those seasonings as needed. In America though, when you’re looking to add what we think of as Italian flavoring, reach for the Italian seasoning blend. You’ll add a tried and true blend of flavor packed aromatic herbs to your dish. Italian seasoning will make virtually any type of meat or seafood more delicious.

We have plenty of recipes that use Italian seasoning ranging from Italian Baked Cod to Bistecca Fiorentina. If you want to be faithful to authentic Italian cooking, don’t use a premade mix. Instead, grab some fresh herbs and chop them yourself. Italian recipes are famed for their simplicity, letting the flavor and freshness of the ingredients shine. Plus, Italian seasoning is a great match for Italian wines, so enjoy a Chianti or other Italian wine while you’re cooking. And eating. Salute!

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