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Popcorn Steak Bites Recipe

Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
30 min
Feeds 4 people
In this Recipe

Enjoy bites of beef in a crispy, crunchy bite sized package with our Popcorn Steak Bite recipe! Use flavorful and tenderized Cube Steaks to save money while making this recipe. What dipping sauce did you use with this recipe? Let us know in the comments below.


  • 1 lb Leahy’s Angus Cube Steaks (cut into 1 inch cubes)
  • 6 cup Potato Chips (recommend ridge potato chips)
  • .33 cup Flour (any flavor)
  • 2 Egg
  • 1 Tbsp Pepper (large)


  1. Put the potato chips into a large plastic bag and smash until they’re beaten into fine crumbs.

  2. Combine pepper and flour in a shallow bowl. Place the crushed chips and eggs into 2 additional shallow bowls. Dip steak pieces in flour, then into egg, then into crushed chips, coating all sides and pressing the chips into steak pieces.

  3. Place the beef bites onto a rack on top of a broiler pan and broil for 8 to 10 minutes, or until the center of the beef bites are 160°F.

  4. Remove from heat and serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauce like mustard, ketchup, ranch or BBQ sauce!

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