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Roast Goose Recipe

Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
2.5 hrs
We have 10-12# full geese available that serve 8-10 people.
In this Recipe

We know that turkey is stealing the limelight in America, but have you tried goose for a holiday meal? Our roast goose recipe is easy to make, delicious, and may have you changing your mind on what poultry to serve at your next gathering.

First of all, if you’ve never had goose, you’re probably wondering what goose tastes like. Well, I like to say it has the rich texture and poultry flavor of dark meat turkey mixed with a bit of the flavor of a medium-rare beef sirloin roast. It’s definitely poultry, but it has a rich flavor. If you like dark meat poultry, you’ll probably love this roast goose recipe. And if you’re on the fence about dark meat poultry, this recipe may open your eyes and change your mind!

Farm raised goose, which we sell in store, is different than wild geese. They are a different breed than the Canadian geese and they’re raised in a much less stressful environment. Don’t judge goose’s flavor by the wild game you may have had: farm raised geese have much less gamey flavor and a farm raised roast goose will generally be much more tender than a will goose.

Geese, like ducks, are waterfowl and have a lot of fat underneath their skin. One of the best parts about roast goose is that you’ll be able to collect all of that incredibly flavorful goose fat to use in your cooking. Goose fat can be used in place of duck fat to make incredibly crispy and flavorful roasted potatoes, for instance. Make sure to prick the goose’s skin before roasting to allow the fat to render out for saving. It’ll also crisp up the skin beautifully!

As with most poultry, goose can have the challenge of the breast cooking faster than the thighs. You can address this challenge by spatchcocking the goose, like you would a chicken or turkey. Geese experience this problem slightly less than chickens or turkeys due to all of the meat being dark meat, but spatchcocking wouldn’t hurt your roast goose at all!

Do we have you sold on roast goose for your next meal? We hope so! Stop in to Lake Geneva Country Meats and pick up a goose (we have them frozen) or buy one from a reputable online store like D’artagnan. We think you’ll like it!


  • Goose
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 bunch Parsley (fresh sprigs)
  • 1 bunch Sage (fresh)
  • 1 bunch Thyme (fresh sprigs)


  1. Remove giblets and excess fat from the interior of the goose and pat dry. Take a sharp knife and prick the skin all over with a sharp knife to allow for the fat to escape while cooking. Season all areas of the skin liberally with salt and pepper, and hit the inside of the goose as well. Add the bunches of parsley, sage, and thyme to the inside of the bird.

  2. Place the goose, breast side up, on a rack over a foil lined roasting pan. This will help you save the goose fat as it renders during cooking. Put the goose into an oven preheated to 375ºF and cook for about 15 minutes per pound, until the breast reaches 165ºF. We like to cook our roast goose breast to a slightly higher temperature than turkey because it is dark meat. If you would like the thighs to cook more, you can carve the breasts off, wrap them in foil to keep warm, and return the goose to the oven and cook until the thighs reach 175 – 180ºF.

  3. Once the goose is done cooking, remove from the oven and drain the fat from the roasting pan. Save the fat and use for cooking, like you would with duck fat. Let the goose rest for 20 – 30 minutes before carving, then remove the aromatics from the cavity, and carve as you would any other poultry bird. Enjoy!

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