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Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin Filet Recipe

Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
1.5 hrs
Makes 2 steaks – feeds 2 people
In this Recipe

Sous vide cooking is the best way to get perfectly cooked steak every time. This method of cooking steak in a vacuum bag at low temperature brings your steak up to an ideal temperature and not a degree above. For delicate steaks like Tenderloin Filets, this method is especially useful, because you really don’t want to overcook an expensive steak! Here are our instructions on how to prepare a beef tenderloin filet using a sous vide cooker, a few extra yummy ingredients, and a cast iron skillet. If you’re interested in sous vide cooking, you can listen to our podcast episode about it right here!


  • 2 Leahy’s Angus Beef Tenderloin Filets (cut as thick as you like – we recommend 1.5″ thick)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 2 Tbsp Butter (divided)
  • Thyme (Several sprigs)
  • 6 clove Garlic (divided)


  1. Set your sous vide cooker to 125ºF for rare, 130ºF for medium-rare, 135ºF for medium, or 140ºF for medium-well. Heat a bowl of water of an appropriate size to fit your steaks.

  2. Season your steaks with salt and pepper. Place them in a vacuum bag, then add 2 small pats of butter, 3-4 sprigs of thyme, and 2 smashed cloves of garlic. Seal bag shut. We can vacuum seal for you, or you can do this at home. You can also use a securely sealed zippable bag!

  3. Once the water bath has come to temperature, add your steaks, and cook for 45 minutes – 1.5 hours.

  4. After cooking in the sous vide cooker, remove the bag from the water bath, then remove the steaks from the bag and pat dry.

  5. Preheat a cast iron skillet to medium high heat, and add a tablespoon of butter. Add the steaks to the pan, and start searing. After adding the steaks, add 4 smashed cloves of garlic, and 4+ sprigs of thyme, or other similar aromatics.

  6. Flip the steaks every 30-45 seconds to a new side to ensure even browning on all sides, basting with the butter / garlic / thyme mixture each time you flip. Do not cook these steaks long, as they are already fully cooked, just enough to brown on all sides. Add more butter as needed.

  7. Once browned on all sides, remove from pan, let rest for 3 minutes, then serve and enjoy!

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