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Trout with Almonds (Forelle mit Mandeln) Recipe

Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
30 min
Serves 4
In this Recipe

While your first thought of protein when you think of German food may be pork (especially sausages!), Germans also consume a good amount of seafood, and Trout is one of the most common items you’ll see featured in German seafood dishes. This recipe for Trout with Almonds is an easy to make dish that also makes a statement when served whole. The simple seasonings let the flavor of the trout and almond to shine without overcomplicating the dish. Try serving the dish with a German Cucumber Salad and boiled potatoes on the side, and a bottle of dry German riesling or a weissbeer will complete the German feast.

Let us know what you think of this dish and if you have any other tips for cooking trout. Enjoy!


  • 4 whole Trout (cleaned and scaled)
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • 2 Tbsp Butter
  • 1/2 cup Olive Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Almond Flakes
  • 1 Lemon (cut into wedges)
  • Parsley (fresh)


  1. Season both the inside and outside of the trout with salt and pepper.

  2. In a large skillet, heat the butter and olive oil over medium heat. Add the trout and cook for about 5 minutes per side, turning every 2-3 minutes to help the fish cook evenly. The fish is done cooking when the fish pulls apart easily with a fork.

  3. When the fish is done cooking, remove from the skillet and cover with foil to keep warm. Add the almonds to the same frying pan and fry over medium high heat until they are toasted, about 3 minutes. Remove from pan once cooked.

  4. Sprinkle the almonds wedges and chopped parsley on top of the fish, and serve with lemon wedges to squeeze on to the fish. Enjoy!

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