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2017 In Review

2017 has been a huge year at LGCM – we’ve updated our building, our look, and so much more. Check out these facts and figures from 2017, plus check out the Top 10 things to happen at LGCM this year.

2017 By The Numbers

  • 72,000+ customers served at LGCM.
  • 40,000+ Cherry Brats sold, our most popular item, and top selling bratwurst flavor.
  • 36,000+ pounds of Ground Beef sold, our most popular item by weight.
  • 15,000+ Twice Baked Potatoes scooped, baked, and stuffed by hand by Angela, Maria and their helpers. These are, to the surprise of no one, our most popular deli item.
  • 11,000+ bottles of wine purchased by LGCM customers. Their drink of choice? Cabernet Sauvignon, which accounted for about 20% of all of our wine sales.
  • 8,000+ Smoked Shanks sold for lucky dogs to enjoy at home.
  • 4,358 ears of Sweet Corn sold fresh in the summer time. Even with the short season, our locally grown sweet corn is our top selling produce item.
  • 1,400+ Garlic Parmesan Marinated Chicken Breasts sold. These were our most popular chicken breast flavor this year, knocking Bourbon off the top spot!
  • 833 feet of Ribeyes sold – if stacked on top of each other, these ribeyes would have been the world’s tallest building until 1930. They’re our most popular steak.
  • 700+ cases of New Glarus beer sent home with thirsty beer lovers. New Glarus is by far our most popular brewery!

Our 2017 Top 10 List

Here are our Top 10 things that happened at LGCM this year!

#10 – Charitable Giving Highlighted by the LG Restaurant Week Charity Check and LGCM Community Week

2017 In Review
Scott and Nick Delivering Ground Beef to the Walworth County Food Pantry

Between our annual $5,000 donation to the Lake Geneva Restaurant Week Charity Check (this year, Lakeland Animal Shelter won), and our new Community Week which helped fill the Walworth County Food Pantry, we were able to donate cash, product, and services to local charities. We love our community and love helping worthy causes. Thanks for helping us help those who need help!

#9 – New Dog of the Month Program

2017 In Review
Our December Dog of the Month – Kuno!

Our smoked bones are hugely popular, so we started a Dog of the Month program. Each month, one lucky pup wins a spot of honor in our store and some free bones. Check out December’s winner Kuno in front of the Christmas tree! You can enter your dog by clicking here.

#8 – The Official Bratwurst of Lake Geneva Oktoberfest

2017 In Review
Nick & Ken Etten from Rotary grilling brats at Lake Geneva Oktoberfest!

We were happy to team up with the Lake Geneva Rotary Club this year and be the official bratwurst of Lake Geneva Oktoberfest! The Rotary Club sold record amounts of brats and raised thousands of dollars for local charitable causes during the 2 day celebration.

#7 – Our New Podcast – Reduce By Half

Reduce by Half Podcast

April was a big month for us – more on that later – but one of our favorite things that is new this year was the start of our podcast, Reduce by Half. We’re now 16 episodes into the podcast, and have interviewed famous winemakers, baseball players, Weber grillmasters, local cheesemakers, and more. It’s a fun listen with interesting information you may not have previously considered, so check out all the episodes by clicking here.

#6 – We Won 12 Wisconsin Cured Meat Championship Awards!

2017 In Review
Jeff, Scott, Kathy, and Marc show off the new plaques from the 2017 Wisconsin Cured Meat Championships!

We are proud to have won 12 awards at this year’s Wisconsin Cured Meat Championships. Jeff, Marc, and the entire production crew did a fabulous job producing quality products for the competition, and we’re very proud of their efforts. You can see all of the awards we have won by visiting the “About Us” section on this webpage!

#5 – April Fools – Left Hand Bratwursts

You know we love our April Fool’s jokes at LGCM, and this year was a fun one! Check out our Left Handed Bratwurst video above 🙂

#4 – A Green Butcher Shop – New Solar Panels

2017 In Review
Check out our new roof mounted solar panels!

We ended the year with an investment in sustainability – we added solar panels to our roof. These panels will help provide electricity for our building, and clean up our carbon footprint.

#3 – A Brand New Look at LGCM!

Lake Geneva Country Meats Logo

In April, we took a bold step and rebranded our company with a new logo, a new look for our retail staff, new freezers, and this new website! It was a departure from tradition, but a step that we felt reflected our company’s direction. Fresh food, friendly people. That’s what you’ll get at LGCM! You can read more about the process by clicking here.

#2 – A Brand New Smokehouse!

Smokehouse Unloading at LGCM
How do you get a several thousand pound smokehouse off a truck? Very carefully!

We think one of the reasons we make such delicious sausages is because of our high quality German made smokehouse. After many years, our old smokehouse had outlived its useful life, and it was time to install a new smokehouse. We imported another German smokehouse and installed it in June. It was quite the process, but we’re excited to have a state of the art, computer controlled smokehouse in the store!

#1 – Now Open Sundays!

2017 In Review
Our Sunday Crew who will welcome you in the store on Sundays!

After years of customer requests, we opened our retail store on Sundays! We’re happy to now offer our retail customers the ability to stop in the store from 10 AM – 2 PM, and pick up their favorite LGCM foods. Sunday hours have become very popular, and we love seeing you on a new day!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for shopping with LGCM this year. We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see what next year brings, we’re sure it’ll be full of more exciting news. As our co-founder John Leahy loved to say, “We’ll see you next year!”

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