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50 Years – 50¢ Ground Beef Wrap Up

To start our celebration of our 50th year in business, we offered a 50¢ ground beef promotion. We were blown away by the response and so grateful to the more than 2,000 people who came through our doors and took advantage of this deal. It was great to meet customers who came to the store for the first time because of this promotion, but it was even better to see the loyal customers who have helped us make 50 years.

We hope the “throw back” priced ground beef serves as a way of showing how much we appreciate you. To all of our great customers who weren’t able to get any of the 50¢ ground beef, we are sincerely sorry, we literally couldn’t make any more ground beef! By the end of the promotion, we had made and sold an incredible 4,532 pounds of ground beef. That’s more than 4 times what we sold in the entire month of January, 2014 and almost double what we sold in July , 2014, our previous best month ever for selling ground beef!

We’ve received some incredible feedback – the nicest was perhaps the gift of the “Congratulations” balloon from Dr. Ken Schenk of the Chiropractic Center of Elkhorn that you see Carolynne holding in the picture above. Thank you so much to everyone who gave us the positive feedback. It’s heart warming and much appreciated. Here are some of our favorite messages:

Anne D.: “Here’s to another 50 years!!! That brat special is pretty awesome too. I can’t wait to enjoy my Spinach and Feta Chicken brats! Thank you!”

Jodi K.: “Bought my two pounds yesterday and used one pound to make beef enchiladas last night for dinner. Thanks for the sale!”

Jeff F.: “Appreciate the deal! Grabbed 10 Landjaegers while I was there too! Now it’s time for a brat run!”

Joan W. “Really good deal. Surprised it made it through more than one day! Congratulations and many more good years.”

Edward G.: “Went for ours and also brats, polish and fish! Congrats on your 50th and thanks!”

Noreen H.: “I stopped by a couple of times this week and made stuffed green peppers, meatloaf, and chili to share with family, friends and neighbors. Picked up a couple of items I had never purchased before like jam, pizza dough, and Yellow Tail ‘Bubbles’ wine.. Thanks for the fun!”

Lindsey A.: “Best ground beef ever I will be back! Thank you for your promotion!”

Crystal S.: “We made it just in time!!! Congrats and thanks for such an amazing promotion!!”

Constance N.: “Thanks for offering this promotion and congratulations.”

Deb P.: “I bought more than just the ground beef!!! Their pork chops are AWESOME!!! Along with all the rest of their products!!!”

Raquael J.: “Awesome on way thank you so much. This is helping so many families. You guys rock. :)”

Thanks again for helping us celebrate 50 years and stay tuned for more great 50th anniversary sales, specials and events!


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