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Happy National Burger Day!

National burger day

Yeah, we can all enjoy a burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese but what about getting a bit more creative than that?  We put together some of our favorite toppings to try and found a few winners in the mix!

Tomato, bacon, cheddar burger

Bacon, Cheddar, Tomato

This burger is the most classic combination, but we couldn’t skip a good bacon burger!  Pick your favorite cheddar, add the best LGCM bacon and top with the freshest tomatoes you can find.  It’s as easy as that!

Bacon, caramelized onion, blue cheese burger

Bacon, Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese

Ok, we know there are some blue cheese haters out there so this one may not be for you.  But this is a classic combo that so many people love.  And we’re not shy about those tasty onions!  Burger and then bacon because…meat on meat, right!?  On top of the bacon, add those caramelized onions and top with as much or little blue cheese as you’d like.  Dig right in and get ready to get messy with this one!

Three cheese cheeseburger

Three Cheese Cheeseburger

You can’t ever have enough cheese and this burger is here to prove it!  You know the saying…”when in Rome.”  Well, we say “when in Wisconsin…”  eat all of the cheese!  You start this burger with Merkts port wine cheese spread on both the top and bottom bun (because, why not?).  Next comes your choice of cheddar – the sharper the better, in my opinion.  On top of the cheddar, you guessed it, more cheese!  Select your favorite Hill Valley Dairy cheese curds to finish it off.  We used garlic dill and thought it was the perfect flavor combination.  Heat it all up for even better, more melty, goodness.

Jalapeno, pepperjack and bacon aioli burger

Jalapeno, Pepperjack and Bacon Aioli

I love a little spicy kick and this burger has the perfect amount for me!  It looks simple, but don’t let that deceive you.  Right on top of the burger patty, place a nice slice of pepperjack.  If you’re feeling extra crazy, add a second slice.  Next, it’s time to layer on jalapeños.  You can get as crazy as you want here.  To finish it off, bacon aioli.  This is just the right amount of creamy to cut through the heat from the jalapeños.

Leave us a comment with your very favorite burger toppings!  We are always open to trying new, delicious toppings any day of the week.


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