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LGCM Wins Big at 2018 Wisconsin Cured Meat Championships

Lake Geneva Country Meats continued our tradition of creating award winning Wisconsin meats at the 2018 Wisconsin Cured Meat Championships. At this competition, we won an astounding 17 total awards, including the very prestigious “Product Show Excellence in Product Manufacturing” award. This award is given to the Wisconsin butcher shop that accumulates the most total points in the product competition, showing a high level of quality across all styles of meat production. This is the second time Lake Geneva Country Meats has won this award.

WAMP 2018 Awards

In addition to the “Product Show Excellence in Product Manufacturing” award, Lake Geneva Country Meats won 16 other awards, including 6 Grand Champions. Here’s the list:

grand champions

  • Bacon
  • BBQ Beef Strips
  • Boneless Ham – Traditional style
  • Jalapeño Cheddar Summer Sausage
  • Summer Sausage
  • Ultimate Bacon (Bacon Wrapped Bacon)

reserve grand champion

  • Old World Summer Sausage
  • Wieners


  • Cooked Cheddar Cheese & Green Pepper Bratwurst
  • Cotto Salami
  • Skinless Wieners
  • Teriyaki Jerky

reserve champions

  • Boneless Ham – Commercial style
  • Honey BBQ Chicken Bacon Cheddar Snack Sticks
  • Ring Bologna

honorable mention

  • Semi-Boneless Ham

We are so proud of our Master Meat Crafter Jeff Schmalfeldt, and our entire production crew for their outstanding efforts. We hope you enjoy our award winning products, and thanks for shopping with us. We appreciate your business and will keep working our hardest to produce top level products!

LGCM Wins Big at 2018 Wisconsin Cured Meat Championships

One more note – we are also proud of Scott & Kathy’s grandson Levi – he was also a winner! Every year, there is a sausage sculpting competition held for children, and this year he won with his Thomas the Tank Engine sculpture. Congratulations Levi!

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