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New! Left Handed Bratwursts at LGCM!

Are you a left handed person that has difficulty eating a bratwurst like your right handed friends and family? At Lake Geneva Country Meats, we have the solution with bratwursts specifically created for your slightly different outlook on life. Watch the video below or keep reading for more details!

UPDATE: April Fool’s!! We hope you enjoyed the joke, but, there are no such things as left handed brats. All of our bratwursts are ambidextrous, perfect for everyone to enjoy. Watch Nick’s apology below and see all the details of this year’s April Fool’s joke below:

Why Left Handed Brats?

One of our left handed employees, Angie, has always had problems eating brats. They just never seemed to feel correct when she was attempting to eat them. She discussed this difficulty with our Master Meat Crafter Jeff and it turns out that bratwursts are naturally “calibrated” to a right handed preference. The Germans, who basically invented sausage, are genetically much less likely to be left handers (<.5% of the population in Germany are left handers) and so their sausage making machines naturally turn out products that are skewed towards right handers. We use German sausage making equipment (it’s the best in the business) and, so, our bratwursts will feel a little unnatural for left handed eaters.

We want our bratwursts to be enjoyable for everyone, regardless of handedness, so we started investigating. After lots of testing and international phone calls, Jeff figured out how to adjust our stuffer to make bratwursts that are more natural for left handers! By adjusting the protein maceration rate in the stuffer, we can make the brats come out in a curve more accessible to left handers. Now Jeff can just flip a switch and make left handed bratwursts! We did extensive testing with staff and customers (big shout out to Kyle from our digital marketing partners at regal for going through 26 test batches for us!) and we are confident left handers will love these new bratwursts!

Nice! What flavors are available left handed?

For our first batch, we’ll be making Regular, Cherry and Portabella Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Brats in left handed format. Eventually, we anticipate being able to offer all of our sausages in left handed format. We have to test each individual sausage to make sure it works for left handers because the protein ratios are a bit different in each sausage. When you get to a sausage like the Taco Brat, it’s especially hard to calibrate due to the chunks of jalapenos, cheddar cheese and more in the bratwurst. Don’t worry, we’re slowly adding more!

When can I get a left handed brat?

Our first production batch of left handed brats will be released to the general public on Thursday, April 6th. We are asking that you order ahead to make sure we have left handed brats for those who would like left handed brats and right handed brats for those who would like right handed brats. We’ll start taking orders on Monday, April 3rd. To order, just give our retail store a call at 262-248-3339. We’ll make left handed brats just for you!

I’m right handed. I don’t care. I want right handed brats.

Congratulations! You’ve had bratwursts calibrated for you for your entire life. Just imagine what it’s like for a poor, unfortunate left handed soul who didn’t have that joy. I’m sure you can find some empathy for them. Plus, don’t worry, the brats in our fresh case will all remain right hand format brats, so you don’t need to worry about a miscalibrated bratwurst.

Have a great day and we’ll see you soon at Lake Geneva Country Meats!

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