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Weekly Recipe Roundup | January 5, 2020

Since we’re kicking off the New Year with a focus on helping you all plan your meals better, what better way to start then helping you stick to those New Year’s resolutions.  Healthy meals don’t have to be bland and certainly aren’t only salads.  Although we love salads, we’re meat experts and we’re happy to share all of the lean cuts of meat that will help you eat more healthy all year long.

This week’s recipe roundup is all about lean meats.  Each recipe features one of our favorite lean meats and doesn’t lack on flavor.

Lake Geneva Country Meats Weekly Recipe Roundup


Steakhouse marinated flank steak

What better way to start the week than a steak!  There are a ton of great ways to make a flank steak and plenty of marinades to choose from.  To kick this week off, we’ve chosen a traditional flavor, so you can mix and match and have some fun with leftovers throughout the week.


Southwest chicken bowl

Not only is this bowl beautiful, but it’s so versatile, making this a great meal for picky eaters.  The bowl setup allows everyone to top the dish with exactly what fits their preference.  Don’t like beans?  no problem, leave them off!  Prefer no vegetables on your dish?  We hear you, add more meat 🙂


Chimichurri Pork Tenderloin

I know, I know, you’re used to eating a delicious chimichurri with a steak right?  Well, try it on pork and you won’t regret it.  Chimichurri is always fresh and brightens up any dish (and your mid-week blues!)



We’re always going to include a day for leftovers because, let’s be honest, this is a lot of food.  And, we all lead busy lives, so there is likely one night a week that you’re eating on the go or only have time to warm up something from the night before.  And that’s ok!  Plus, these dinners are full of great proteins that you can use for work-week lunches.


Garlic herb crusted rump roast

Rump roasts are super flexible and simple to make.  We’re sharing a garlic herb crusted rump roast that makes a beautiful Friday night meal, but also allows you to use leftover meat again for sandwiches over the weekend.


Ground turkey white chili

You can still enjoy chili, even when you’re trying to eat healthy.  Chili is a great weekend dish (so feel free to swap with Sunday’s recipe) that will also feed a crowd.  You can get creative with your choice of lean meat and also spice level in this dish, so get creative and enjoy.


Cajun pork pinwheels

We eat with our eyes first, right?  So when you slice into this pork tenderloin, you’ll be pleased to see the bright colors and beautiful swirl.  And the cajun flavors don’t disappoint!  Keep this recipe on hand and try out all kinds of different stuffings.


What if I love your recipe ideas and would like to keep eating healthier?

Great!  If you’re looking for more lean meat options, check out the list below.  Any one of these choices will help you create a healthy meal throughout the week.


  • Extra Lean
    • Pork Tenderloin
  • Lean
    • Pork Loin Chops
    • Boneless Pork Loin Roasts


  • Extra Lean
    • Eye of Round Roast / Steak
    • Rump Roast
  • Lean
    • Round Steaks / Cube Steaks
    • New York Strip Steaks
    • Flank Steaks
    • Whole Tenderloins / Tenderloin Filets
    • Brisket Flats
    • Tri Tip Steaks
    • T-Bone Steaks
    • Ground Sirloin


  • Extra Lean
    • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
    • Boneless Skinless Turkey Breasts
  • Lean
    • Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs
    • Ground Chicken
    • Ground Turkey

Look at all of those great options!  We hope we’re helping you stay on track with heathy eating and we’ll see you at the store.

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