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Weekly Meal Plan | January 12, 2020

At Lake Geneva Country Meats, we love any reason to celebrate.  And this week, there are two (almost certainly made-up) food holidays!  There is no easier way to meal plan than to scour the Internet for hilarious food holidays to celebrate and we’ve done just that this week.

Sunday Meal Plan


Keto Indian Curry Chicken

Food holiday #1.  Curried Chicken Day, of course!  On this holiday, we’re also thinking of any of you that might still be sticking with your New Year’s diets (good work for making it this far!) This dish is keto friendly, but you aren’t compromising on any flavor!


Taco Bratwurst Breakfast Burrito

We love breakfast burritos, really burritos of any kind so these are the perfect recipe to share on Taco Tuesday.  You can substitute any sausage in this burrito, but we prefer our taco brat for all of the taco-y goodness.


One Pot Spaghetti Bolognese

There is almost no better recipe for a mid-week family meal.  No one I know likes to wash pans after spending an evening cooking (or really ever) and this bolognese recipe only uses one pot.  Not only will cleanup be easier, but you won’t have to make any special meal for the kiddos at your house because this one is kid-approved.



It’s leftover day!  Maybe you’re enjoying some curried chicken on top of a salad this week or even some leftover pasta for the family.  Ether way, we have a few more recipes that will leave plenty of extra for meals to come.


Halibut with Capers Olives and Tomato

In Wisconsin, we love our fish on Fridays.  Halibut is a popular fish that is a blank slate to be able to add all sorts of flavors on top of.  The Mediterranean flavors used in this recipe are just one of the many ways you can jazz up halibut.


Peking Duck

We’re on to food holiday #2 – Peking Duck Day!  So, we’ve got the recipe for you.  This recipe for peking duck is a great re-creation from your favorite Chinese food restaurant dish.  Keep this one filed away and you can bring it back out to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the end of January.


Slow Cooker Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tenders

No Sunday-scaries with this simple recipe.  A casual Sunday dinner that can sit in the slow cooker while you finish all of your Sunday-stuff.  If spicy isn’t your thing, feel free to  mix up the sauces!


So what if I don’t like to celebrate these holidays?

Don’t worry, the meals are delicious regardless of if you’re celebrating.

We hope you’re finding something to celebrate this week – hopefully a Packers win!

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