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LGCM Info & Policies

Hello LGCM Customers, 

This page has important information about our shopping procedures and COVID-19 procedures.


The USDA has announced that they are requiring all staff at USDA inspected facilities to wear masks. We are a USDA inspected facility (unlike a standard grocery store), so our staff will be wearing masks until USDA requirements change.

We are not requiring customers to wear masks at this time. You are welcome to wear a mask if you would like to wear one, and we ask all of our customers to respect the personal space of fellow shoppers.

Take A Number to Shop

ALL customers who would like to order from the fresh meat case or deli case need to take a number from the stand in the middle of our store as you walk in. Make sure you order both your fresh meat AND deli items from the Meat Ambassador who is waiting on you.
We have been using numbers for over a year and it has allowed us to make sure we are waiting on customers on a first come – first served way. We think this is the most fair way of waiting on customers and makes sure no one gets overlooked. We are very happy with the system, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
If you are only purchasing frozen meat items or other items from the store, you do not need a number. Just gather your items, and head to a register to checkout when you have what you need.
If you do not have a number, you will be skipped for customers who followed our rules and took a number when they entered the store.

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup is a shopping option for retail customers who desire a contactless shopping experience. Here are a few important notes about curbside pickup.

    1. Curbside orders must be placed online using this page.
    2. Curbside orders must be placed 24 hours in advance.
    3. There are a limited number of curbside pickup slots available per day.

We’ll see you soon at Lake Geneva Country Meats!

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Collage of 6 recipes
Collage of 6 recipes
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