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$47 Melatonin Milk | Dinner Plus Drinks #38

We’re enjoying the shift to fall weather, the return of football, and so much more. We hope our enthusiasm for the week inspires you to “sleigh” your upcoming week. Here are the links from this week’s episode:

  1. Bridget is bummed she did not get in on the Willy Wonka-style contest to win the Jelly Belly factory. Check out the story here.
  2. Nick is fascinated by the idea of paying $47 for milk with extra high melatonin to help you relax.
  3. Bridget loves this new collection of Get Out the Vote accessories. Check out this necklace.
  4. Nick would really like to spend too much money on this Argentinian-style wood fired grill. If you buy one, let us know if you like it!
  5. Bridget is so excited for football to be back and is recommending this Green and Gold Bratwurst recipe and this Taco Brat Dip recipe.
  6. Nick is a huge fan of chicken thighs – they’re yummy, can be cooked in so many ways and affordable. Check out this One Pot Chicken Thigh and Veggie recipe or if you like spicy food, this Grilled Piri Piri Chicken thigh recipe is a great one to try!

Did you see the new wine series we released on Wednesday? The series is called Pinkies Up, and answers questions normal wine drinkers have about wine in non-pretentious ways. This month’s episode answered the question of if a normal wine drinker, like Bridget, can tell the difference between a $15 and $50 bottle of wine and if it’s worth it. Listen here or watch on YouTube here.

Thanks for listening, we appreciate you spending time with us. If you can please subscribe, rate us, review us, and share with your friends, we’d really appreciate it! Remember, you can watch this episode on YouTube using the player above, and listen to the podcast using the player below or follow the links to listen in your favorite podcast player. Rember, you can can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for extra content, or drop us a line at hello <at> dinnerplusdrinks <dot> com.

Have an awesome Labor Day weekend! Thanks for listening – we are so happy to be part of your week.

*We may earn a small commission from any products you buy using our link. Thanks for the support!

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