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Best Champagne for New Years 2020


Celebrate this New Year with a delicious feast from lake Geneva Country Meats that’s paired with a superb bottle of sparkling wine. Whether you opt for the luxury that is French Champagne, or pick a more wallet friendly alternative from elsewhere, Lake Geneva Country Meats has a variety of sparkling wines to make your celebration memorable. Here are a few of our top picks to enjoy this New Year’s Eve.

Wallet Friendly Bottles

We love finding bottles that don’t cost a bunch but taste absolutely delicious. We have three bottles of sparkling wine that fit this bill and will be perfect for your New Year’s celebration. They’re such great values they may even find their way into your every day wine rotation!

  1. Cristalino Brut Cava – a bottle that easily overdelivers on the price tag, this Spanish sparkling wine is crisp and refreshing with touches of stone fruit flavors like apple and apricot. It’s a good quality to drink on its own, but not so expensive you can’t use it to make wine cocktails like mimosas. $9.99
  2. Segura Viudas Rosé Cava – the pink version of Segura Viudas, this wine has more strawberrry and raspberry flavors to go with the bubbles. It’s a fabulous food pairing wine and is a great choice to enjoy with people who don’t like super dry wines. $9.99
  3. Santa Marina Prosecco – this Italian sparkling wine is crisp and refreshing with smaller bubbles than the Spanish wines. It has green apple and floral notes with just a touch of sweetness. This wine is all about those delightful little bubbles and is great for sipping as you enjoy the New Year celebrations. $7.99

Everyday Stunners

These bottles are all priced under $25 and deliver great quality without having to spend the big bucks. These bottles are good enough to stand up to the best quality of food and we’re sure everyone at your party will appreciate these bottles.

  1. Portlandia Sparkling Rosé – this full-bodied sparkling wine from Oregon is made from Syrah and has enticing strawberry and raspberry flavors with juicy bubbles. Great to enjoy with strawberries! $16.99
  2. Sofia Blanc de Blancs – a beautiful bottle in a cellophane-wrapped package, this bottle is a juicy and delicious California sparkling wine. $16.99
  3. Scharffenberger Brut – made by the same team that makes Roederer Champagne (more on that later), this California sparkling wine has all the elegance of French sparkling wine at a much lower price point. $19.99
  4. JJ Vincent Cremant de Bourgogne – this is a “baby brother” wine to Champagne, with a similar quality level and made from the same grapes and in the same process. It’s just from Burgundy, not Champagne, so it lacks a touch of complexity and a lot of the price tag of Champagne! $23.99

Something Sweet

If you like sweet wines, there are delicious sparkling wines for you. These two bottles are some of our most popular wines year round, and are sure to make your New Year sweet – hopefully that’s a good sign for 2021!

  1. Cavicchioli Lambrusco – we are fans of the sweet fruit flavors in this red sparkling wine from Italy. Juicy, jammy, and plain ole’ yummy. $8.99
  2. Just Peachy – this sparkling French wine with peach juice added is a delightful bubbly treat with sweet peach juice added. If you like sweet peach flavors, this bottle is for you! $9.99
  3. Opera Prima Mimosa – this is a super good pre-made mimosa that you should take home if you like mimosas. That’s all we have to say about this one! $7.99

New Year’s Treats

If you want to get the best for your New Year’s celebration, we simply must recommend French Champagne. The original sparkling wine, Champagne, delivers rich bubbles and terrific flavor and makes your occasion something special. Here are two of our favorite champagnes.

  1. Roederer Champagne – a fresh style of champagne with a dense and steady flow of bubbles matched with peach, pear, and ripe apricot flavors. A lovely finish with a touch of salinity that keeps you coming back for more! $54.99
  2. Pol Roger Brut Champagne – my personal favorite bottle of sparkling wine, this French wine has rich brioche and yeast aromas balanced by floral and green apple notes. This wine delivers complex flavors and a long finish that still is incredibly refreshing. Perfect for major celebrations! $59.99
  3. Ballers Champagne – if your friends are total ballers, then you need to roll into the club…party with this bottle of perfectly balanced Champagne. It’s a little rich, a little sweet, and quite refreshing, everything a baller would want in their champagne! $69.99

We hope you enjoyed reading our post about the Best Champagnes for New Years 2020 (now updated for 2021) and that it helps you find a delicious bottle of wine to enjoy with your New Years feast. We have more bubbles in store, so stop in, take a look, and pick up a bottle to go with your New Year’s feast!

Happy New Year – see you soon at Lake Geneva Country Meats!



*Must be 21 to purchase wine, tax extra, prices subject to change, availability not guaranteed.

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