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Thanksgiving is a tradition

Enjoy a Delicious Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time to gather around the table and enjoy an All-American feast. We know it can be stressful, but we say why does it have to be? When you’re prepared properly, Thanksgiving should be a blast!

We’re here with quality ingredients, tested recipes, and solid advice to make sure that this year’s Thanksgiving will be an incredible memory for everyone. On this page, you’ll be able to order the perfect turkey for your group, discover our easy to follow and delicious recipes, and lots more. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – keep scrolling for links to more information about our turkeys.


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Thanksgiving Day CLOSED

Quick Thanksgiving Turkey Tips



Turkeys bigger than 20# take longer to cook, don't cook as evenly, and don't fit easily in many ovens. We recommend sticking under this weight range.



We recommend ordering a minimum of 1 pound of turkey per person, or 1.5 pounds if you want leftovers for everyone. Who doesn't want leftovers?



Cook one bird traditionally, then try cooking another bird with a different recipe. You can even try a roast chicken to get enough meat for your group.

Roasted turkey on platter

Reserve online, pickup in store!

We have received reservations for all of our turkeys, but cancellations do occur and sometimes we have extras available. 

Please call 262-248-3339 option 3 to check if any turkeys are available due to cancellations or plan an alternative meal.

Country Day Turkeys Please select what size you would like for up to 4 Country Day fresh turkeys. If you would like more than 4 turkeys, please call us at 262-248-3339 and select option 3 to order. Turkeys are $3.49 per pound this year.

Alden Hills Organic Turkeys Please select how many Alden Hills Organic Turkeys you would like. These turkeys will be in an approximate 16 - 18 pound weight range. If you would like something on the smaller or larger end, please leave a note at the end of this order form. Alden Hills turkeys are $7.59 per pound this year.

We are sold out of turkey breasts for this year.

Country Day Turkey Breasts We offer fresh Country Day bone-in Turkey Breasts. They weigh 8 - 10 pounds each and are $3.99 per pound.

Boar's Head Fully Cooked Turkey New this year, we are offering Boar's Head fully-cooked and seasoned boneless Roast Turkey Breast for a convenient option for smaller groups. Each breast weights about 2.5# and is $11.99 per pound.

TURKEY ADD-ONS To help cook your turkey, you may want fresh side pork or a brine kit. Side pork covers your turkey as it cooks, we recommend 1# per 12# of turkey. Side pork is $4.99 per pound. Urban Accent Brine Kits come with a bag and seasoning to brine up to a 24# turkey. They cost $10.99 each.

Would you like to add any Twice Baked Potatoes to your order? Twice Baked Potatoes are generally around 3/4# each and cost $5.49 per pound.

Is there anything else you would like to order for pickup with your Thanksgiving order such as more deli items, seasonings, or fresh meat items? Please describe what you would like to order in as much detail as you can think of, including sizes and quantities. If you're not sure on a size or weight, please leave a note for us to follow up with you to get the details right!

Please note, we are open 9 AM - 3 PM on Saturdays, and 10 AM - 2 PM on Sundays.

All about Thanksgiving Turkeys

Make an amazingly delicious turkey.

Cooking a whole turkey to perfection is a challenge, but we’re here to show you how to get it done!

We have all sorts of tips and tricks to cook your turkey, but when you just want that Norman Rockwell experience, you’re going to want to try Our Best Traditional Roast Turkey recipe. It uses two simple twists to the “standard” turkey cooking instructions to make a picture worthy turkey.

You can find all of our turkey recipes in the slider below, or get all of our turkey information by clicking here to visit our Turkey page.

Thanksgiving Turkey Alternatives

For the person that doesn’t like turkey, these are great options.

We get it, not everyone likes turkey, which is why we have these delicious “harvest themed” recipes for you to choose from as well. 

One of our favorite items to serve at Thanksgiving is a roast chicken as a side dish to the turkey. This roast chicken can help feed your crowd if you have a few too many people eating for the turkey you plan on making, or it can be a fun flavor for your guests to enjoy. Check out our Garam Masala Roast Chicken recipe for one idea on a “side bird” to serve.

Scroll through the recipes below to check out all of our “not turkey” suggestions for your Thanksgiving feast!

Best Wines for Thanksgiving

make your meal better with the perfect bottle of wine!

When it comes to pairing wine with your Thanksgiving meal, it can be tough to match all of the different elements in the meal. It also can be hard to make sure that everyone drinking the wine has something they enjoy! In this video, our wine expert Nick offers you a simple answer on what the best wine to pair with your Thanksgiving meal is and gives you a few suggestion on bottles that you can try.

Happy Thanksgiving!