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50 Years of…Great Customers!

LGCM is turning 50 on September 20th and we’re celebrating the week of September 21st. We’re sharing memories from the past 50 years in a series of blog posts. This post is dedicated to all of the customers we’ve had over 50 years at Lake Geneva Country Meats. For more information about our 50th Anniversary celebrations, please click this link to visit our 50th Anniversary page.

We’ve been thanking people all week. First, we thanked our family members of putting up with 50 crazy years of growing up Leahy. Then, we thanked our peers in the meat industry for their friendship and assistance. Next, we thanked our vendors for all the assistance they’ve provided over the years. Finally, we thanked our employees, without whom we never would have made 50 years. Now, we want to thank you, our customers, because ultimately if we didn’t have supportive customers, we wouldn’t be in business.

It’s a choice to shop at Lake Geneva Country Meats. You could choose to shop somewhere else, but you choose to shop here, and we appreciate that you choose to support us. When you work in the food industry, you supply a product that your customers literally couldn’t live without. We work our hardest to provide you with products you can trust. Whether you shop with us once a year for your special holiday meal or whether you shop us for dinner every night, we appreciate that you choose to put your trust in us. Whether you pick up a single pound of ground beef or pick up an entire side of locally raised beef, we appreciate that you choose our products over other products.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re all fabulous and we love you. We simply cannot say it enough. We hope you can take advantage of our 50% off bratwurst sale as a thank you, and we hope to see you soon at Lake Geneva Country Meats.

For more on LGCM’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, please visit our 50 Year page.

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