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April Fools Day

You all know how much I love April Fools Day.  We had a really great one planned for this year, and we’re super sorry we can’t do it, but it just didn’t make sense to do with the current situation.  With that said… we’d hate to leave you hanging, so this year, we are looking back at some of my favorite April Fool’s Day from years past.

Make sure to check out each link for the videos from these great April Fool’s jokes.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Bratwurst

A classic flavor combination – why wouldn’t it be great in a brat!? Turns out we actually made this brat as a one time only creation, and a few lucky customers got to enjoy this yummalicious sausage. Who wants us to make this again?

Left Handed Bratwurst

We all have a left handed friend that deserves special love from the brat world.  So, we created a brat just for them. We still have people requesting the left handed brat. Don’t worry, our brats are ambidextrous!

LGCM & Space Ale Collaboration

In 2018, we introduced Outer Space Bratwursts and had quite the partnership with a brewery in London. It’s totally possible to brew beer in space, so why not make a beer brat with space beer? We even had a functioning website for Space Ale brewery. We’re pretty committed to April Fools Day!

LGCM Drone Delivery

This one was great and probably the one that we had mosts people believing was real.  It was also our largest production by a long shot, but soooo worth it! Wouldn’t it be great if this was real? We’d have the meat delivery market cornered during social distancing!

Man, we sure have had some fun, and can’t wait until we get back to pranking next year.  Happy April Fool’s Day friends!

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